Half term happy times

Hooray! We have managed to get through a half term!! It has been really good to be back in routine, although we are constantly on the verge of wondering when we’re next going to be doing school from home again. Luckily for me, the kids are old enough to be able to manage their own learning for the majority of the time. I’ve had to cast my mind back to quadratic equations and a bit of English analysis, but otherwise I think I’ve got off pretty lightly in comparison to parents of younger children, who have had to become teachers while also working from home. That has to be so hard!

Beely was booked onto an acting course in March, which got postponed due to lockdown and moved to October half term weekend, so we have headed down to London for a few extra days before it started. We booked ourselves into the Tate Modern and the British Library where we walked our feet off – 15,782 steps to be exact, thanks to my Fitbit!

We took so many pictures. This was an installation of 6,000 hardback books in the Tate Modern, all covered in colourful fabric. When you look closely, many of them have names in gold on the spine  – all first or second generation immigrants to Britain representing the many different family histories of those who are here, and the blank spines representing those who have not yet come. The purpose of the installation is to get us to think about what it means to be British and how we can celebrate those who come to live in Britain from other cultures, their histories and how they connect with ours. There were quite a few thought-provoking pieces and others that left us scratching our heads a bit, it was fabulous. We then went off to the British Library to visit the exhibition on the history of the fight for women’s rights, “Unfinished Business,” which was incredible!!! If you can, I would so recommend that, it was immensely powerful.

As the weather forecast was extremely wet and windy, I wore my trusty Joules padded jacket and I have to say, stayed perfectly warm and dry! I had loads of people ask about it on Instagram and was thrilled to see that it’s on a special feature price at the moment – good timing! Not only did I stay dry, my hair didn’t go all fluffy and frizzy either, which is so often the way at this time of year. I swear by using Percy & Reed Wonderbalm – it’s the best product for preventing frizz that I have yet to come across.

Tucked up in our hotel room, we put on QVC to watch the launch of the Kitchenaid Today’s Special Value that went at a pace! I was glad to be able to get hold of the Kitchenaid hand mixer  that I have wanted for ages. Watching with Beely is a nightmare… “go on Mummy, we neeeed it!!” She’s right, we really do! 🙂  I’ve also had a bijillion questions about the jewellery I have been wearing recently. It’s not yet available, but will be soon, so will feature it in my next blog – heads up, it’s by Annie Haak!

Right, off for more walking! Have a great weekend, much love as always.

Pipa x

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