I’m bloomin’ loving colour this year!

Pipa on her couch

I am absolutely loving colour this year, aren’t you? In fashion, in the house, in the garden – everywhere, I can’t get enough of it! We ordered new sofas at the beginning of the year and they arrived a couple of weeks ago. It is actually the very first time I have ever bought brand-new sofas and we went for bright orange and deep teal, they look amazing!

Pipa with a flower cart of Bloom faux flower displays

And while I’m blown away by the colour in the garden and regularly bringing in fresh cut flowers for inside, I did my very first Bloom show last week and fell in love with some of the designs. The photos on the website really don’t do them justice, as you can see here in the photo. I’ve got the wild flower display one side (currently sold out) and the incredible red sunflowers on the other – but there are many to choose from if you look at the whole range. I’m wearing Marla Wynne turtle neck top,  which surprisingly has only one review which gives it just one star, but I love it. The trousers are Kim & Co wide leg in hot pink, available in petite and regular, and the trainers are from Rieker.

Finally, we have more coming from Kim & Co with a new Today’s Special Value on Thursday this week: the very popular harem trousers in all sorts of colours, which I will be launching on Wednesday evening, so hopefully see you there.

Much love as always,

Pipa x

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Pipa,
    Like your new sofa 🛋 love the colour!!
    Great to see you on Kim &Co, Wednesday evening. Really like your jewellery tonight, especially the long necklace you we’re wearing, is it available at Qvc?
    Much love
    Claire B xx

  2. Hi Pipa,
    Fabulous sofa, such a change from yellow/ Gold that we were seeing a while ago. I have Orange in my conservatory/ Garden room.
    I feel a purchase coming up. Stunning room as well. might have to pinch some of your idea’s .

    Love Kathy

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