It’s all about the love…

I have just got back from a lovely Valentine’s breakfast with Brian followed by a walk in the woods with Whizz, and despite the fact that it’s rather chilly and I don’t feel like my feet are touching the ground very often right now, I am ever so thankful for all we have!

I’ve been having hip pain for a few months and ended up being sent off for x-rays last week for arthritis (fortunately, they came back clear) but I have invested in the Pilates Reformer, so doing a bit of extra stretching every day on top of the usual dog walking/horse riding, not that I’ve ridden Beth much this year, partly because of being busy but also partly because of my hip.

She is being ridden regularly by a friend so she’s keeping fit, but I do make sure I squeeze in half an hour here and there to go down for cuddles, give her a good pamper and, of course shower, her with carrots and love! She is so beautiful! Just the other day, I opened her stable door and it had been a few days since my previous visit, and I could literally see the smile on her face, she was so pleased to see me – such a beautiful uncomplicated love comes from animals, don’t you think?

Anyway, home now and half term starts later today so I’m going to do a quick run around the house armed with my Dyson and I’m really looking forward to giving my Ecozone Big Deal a test! We have terrible lime scale and so I’m always happy to try out anything to help our appliances keep clean too! It’s on a special price from Monday 24th, so why not grab yourself one too and give it a test. Happy cleaning and happy Valentine’s Day!

OK, no more procrastinating – I’m off! See you soon!

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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  1. Hi Pippa,

    I have hip pain front car accident years ago, they can find nothing, a friend’s Mum told me to rub olive oil round hip, I do at night knees also and it truly works honest, no pain stuff!!!!!!! Horses are fab lucky you.

    Enjoy cleaning, Bon Jovi blasting.

    Love Therese

  2. Hi pipa,
    You are so right about animals giving you a beautiful uncomplicated love, especially if you don’t have that from anyone else! They’re such a blessing. Have you had blood tests done? Someone said to me about hip pain and menopause which I didn’t know. I imagine you’re much too young but just to make sure it’s nothing else.
    Take care and hope your mum is doing ok?x

  3. Hi pipa, saw you wearing a beautiful white shirt on this mornings show, can you tell me where it’s from please?

  4. Hello Pipa
    Could be due to perimenopause which can occur 10 years prior. I have started to suffer from sore knees 10 days of the month. Then OK again. My sister has gone through the menopause and one of the symptoms she had was very sore hips. She ended up going on hrt especially for the hot flushes which helped all her symptoms. Don’t forget omega 3s. Hope it is something straight forward as that.
    Always enjoy having a read of your blogs and makeup bits and bobs.
    Best wishes Ayesha

  5. Why do all you presenters when you do a blog have to mention the products your selling this isn’t about the presenters it’s all about what your selling

    1. Hi Joyce, I think we all like to add in some of our personal stories rather than just write about products so you get a bit of balance x

  6. Hi Pippa
    Love the picture of Beth. She looks beautiful and has a kind face and she has lovely markings. I am more of a cat lover and have 3 rescue cats and yes animals give unconditional love and they are my little friends. I would be lost without them – they have seen me through some tough times. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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