J’adore ma famille et Le Creuset!

Don’t worry, that’s the extent of my French for today! How are you? I was so excited when I received these pans to try and blog about. 🙂 I love a bit of Le Creuset and have various bits dotted around the kitchen. I think a saute pan is the absolute life saver of all pans, particularly for busy families. You can do anything from a fry up to a huge chilli/bolognaise, and no doubt we will have loads of other ideas to inspire you with throughout the day as it’s a Today’s Special Value on Wednesday this week along, with a fab little frying pan. I cooked a chicken Pad Thai in it last night…

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…and it was super easy to clean! In fact, it was left on the stove accidentally after the kids finished cleaning up as they thought it was already done – how about that?! I’m hosting a very exciting family reunion later this week and am deciding on what to cook. I’m thinking of a warm beef salad, or Nigel Slater’s marmalade chicken. It needs to be quick as I’m short on time, but I want it to be lovely. I haven’t seen my aunt and cousin in nearly 40 years and recently we got back in touch so I want them to feel loved and welcome, but I don’t want to be slaving over the stove – there’s MUCH to catch up on!

Anyhoo, I hope you’re well and look forward to catching up with you too either here, on air, or somewhere in the ether! By the way, the pink jumper is Phase Eight.

Much love,

Pipa x

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  1. Hi Pipa
    Another lovely blog 😊 How great to see your Aunt and cousin after all those years.
    Have a wonderful and enjoy spending time with them. Hope it’s amazing!!!
    Yea the kajal liners are great so smooth and easy to apply.
    Look forward to seeing you on air.
    Much love Claire xx

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