Managing muddy March

Oh my goodness what a wet winter we have had/are having!! I feel like we are constantly battling mud and water at the moment. Thankfully, we haven’t been flooded this time around, however the mud is relentless!!

If you’re with me on Instagram, you will have seen the video of Whizz trying his new boots for the first time – it was very funny to watch, but thankfully he didn’t walk like a spider in wellies for too long. In fact, he took to them very quickly. You have to be so careful with animals in the mud anyway, but despite washing and drying as usual, he’s really not been comfortable so we tried these and they’ve made a huge difference!

We adopted him a good 18 months ago now, which has absolutely flown by! He has always had Tynor’s old bed, as it was very much part of the furniture, however when these Silentnight pet beds came along, I decided that the time had come for him to have his own. We have kept Tynor’s one and put it in the back of the car, so Whizz has an extra comfy ride and stays warm and cosy seeing as every walk seems to involve getting wet! Oh how I love my Mud Daddy, wet is most definitely better than muddy!!

Even the cats seem to be fed up with the weather. Moonface can be super surly, but these last couple of weeks he’s been full of cuddles and absolutely loving the massage and grooming that comes with the Hands On Pet Grooming Gloves. I used these down at the stables yesterday on Beth’s legs, brushing off all the dried mud so I could give her a bath and then brought them home, flung them in the washing machine, left them to dry overnight in the airing cupboard and today used them on both Whizz and Moonface. Sherbert is next (when I can find him!) All the animals love them because they are getting a good groom while also being stroked, I highly recommend them as we come into moulting season, on horses particularly. They are just brilliant!

Saying ALL that, onwards and upwards, we have had blue skies for TWO whole days now so I’m optimistic that spring is just around the corner, besides, I keep bumping into Richard Jackson and Abby Cleeve, two sure signs that sunshine isn’t far away!

Catch up soon, much love as always

Pipa xx

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  1. All of your pets are sooooo gorgeous Pipa. Beth has such a kind and gentle face. Moonface is magnificent and as for Whizz – well, there are just no words for how handsome and fabulous he is! And with loads of personality “to boot” (excuse the pun!). We never see Sherbert so I can only assume he doesn’t like to be papped!

    1. LOL thanks Eileen – I’ll try to get Sherbert in soon, he’s the aloof one, a bit like the rest of the family who run a mile from the camera – he literally gets up and walks off, it’s hilarious! xx

  2. Muddy Wet in Wales walking the dog is still a joy but it takes so much longer getting cleaned up and those little boots seem a great idea do they work well on all surfaces you and all your family look so happy and healthy.

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