Making lemonade

As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and I think that we are all doing pretty well so far, don’t you? Pats on the back all round! We have just completed week one of the children being off school and we have so far enjoyed a mix of school work and life lessons on the go, extra baking and gardening going on, which with this glorious weather is perfect!

For Beely’s double PE lesson yesterday, we did a 5k walk, which was just fabulous. No running for me at the moment, but lots of yoga and Pilates to stretch these dodgy hip joints, in fact, I’ve literally just come offline from doing a live yoga class on Zoom run by a friend, which was challenging but felt great!

The first time I tried to do it earlier in the week, Whizz had other ideas, I laughed SO hard! Even the poor animals are having to get used to life in a different way.

I’ve not only been able to enjoy the garden at home, but also lots of gardening shows at QVC too. I have to say amidst all of the uncertainty around us, its lovely to be able to bring you some cheer and normality as it’s easy to overdose on Corona related TV, isn’t it? So as long as we are able to do so on a skeleton staff in the building, we continue to bring you as many live shows as we can but of course, we are all still out there on social media, so by using the #QVCalwayswithyou we can connect whether we’re going live or not!

I’ll be hosting lots of garden shows over the weekend so I hope you can join me. In the meantime, take care, stay well, and as always, much love.

Pipa xx

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  1. Hi pippa I’ve watched you on qvc many, many times and always like your earrings! Like an open hoop pull through style could I kindly ask where they are from please as can’t seem to find them anywhere! Regards Jo x

    1. Hi Jo, they were a gift from my husband a number of years ago and I live in them, they just seem to go with everything don’t they? They are from Fossil and are called the bevelled edge hoops xx

  2. Thoroughly enjoying you and Michael on the gardening shows keep up the good work. I don’t do Twitter Instagram or Facebook so can’t follow up on anything on those apps, don’t even have a smart phone.

  3. You are lovely,my type of smiley gal. You are on gardening this morning. I have fell in love with your queen bed tee shirt. Where did you get it. I want one. Thank you all for coming into my home especially now .take care and keep safe x

  4. Hi Pipa 6pm hour today 6th April where did you get your jacket?? Looks lovely on you and I so need one please lol
    Take care

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