The ups and downs of now

Hello, how are you? It’s hard to know how to start, as I know some of us are doing just fine, some of us are really not and some are up one day and down the next. Sudden change does that and with all the trauma involved, it’s a highly emotional time, isn’t it? My go-to when I am feeling overwhelmed is either my gorgeous four-footed companion Beth or my piano. So with restrictions on going out, it’s been more of the piano of late, and I really need to get back some vocal fitness as my singing skills are ropey to say the least right now!

Isn’t it incredible to see how the nation has come together? There are so amazing initiatives both great and small going on that just makes everything fall into perspective, from Captain Tom’s mammoth fundraising effort through to the little things that people are doing for their neighbours. Mum had a fall last week and wound up in hospital having X-rays and a CT scan. Thankfully, she is ok, however it does mean now she’s home, she is bed-ridden, so I am having to go in and do her lunch and supper every day at the moment. The other day, I saw this sitting on a bush near her house, the note the other side says it’s a gift from the local knitting and crochet group and to take it home, so I took it in for her and she was delighted. How thoughtful of them? They had scattered them all over town, such a generous thing to do!

Having the children home, quite selfishly, is delightful. I love having their company and while they spend a fair amount of time doing their own things, we are also doing lots together that we wouldn’t ordinarily do. We even had a dress fancy dinner last Sunday evening, which was brilliant. We all prepared a course each and dressed up for the occasion. Next Sunday, we are flipping it around and doing fancy dress, I have slightly more trepidations about that one, but they’ve been game for all sorts, I even brought Beely in on the podcast this week! You can check out the latest episode here if you are an Apple user, or here if you use Spotify.

So, that’s it from me for the time being. I’m going to take my coffee out onto the patio before the rain comes, this has become my little routine in the morning sunshine before the day hits the road. It’s funny, while I’m still working and perhaps even busier with having to do Mum’s meals and having the children at home, I feel the peace of the pause in the world around us and mentally have really enjoyed how that has slowed me down.

Please do come and say hi on social media, my links are below, I’m doing IGTV drop-ins most days and my podcast continues each week. I do hope you stay well and stay safe.

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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  1. Hi pipa,
    Lovely to hear you are ok. I’m sorry about your mum though and you must be a bit worried about taking something in to her but have no choice really. As you say there’s so many ups and downs and while half the world are at home the other are manically trying to keep everything going and look after the sick. It’s very draining. Keep us updated on your mum and take care x

  2. Hi Pipa,
    I just found this little story section this morning and its really nice to be able to
    leave a reply as I don’t use social media so usually can’t get in touch. My mum introduced
    me to QVC, it was her favourite show and every morning I would visit her after leaving my
    daughter to school she would be watching you guys, you kept her company all those years
    ago and you were her favourite presenter Pipa, she was always talking about you and your
    different hair colours. Not long after my mum passed away my husband sadly passed away,
    I wasn’t that old, only 47. I was quite lonely and started watching QVC and like mum I really
    enjoy the presenters company, you are much more than a shopping channel and I would like
    to thank you all. You all will be helping so many people through this very difficult time.
    Charlie and Dale make me smile and all the girls are just great, everyone of you!
    Love and best wishes to you all and keep safe.


    1. Hi sandie,
      Just found this and just wanted to say I hope you’re doing ok. You have lost a lot of people. I hope you are keeping ok x

  3. Hi Pipa I was just wondering how you were & are you still working at QVC as I’ve missed you on there ::: hoping you & your family are all well 🐾😻🐾🐶XXX JENNY the ice skater ⛸⛸

  4. Hi Pipa missed you on Qvc are you still working there :: hoping you & your family are all ok :: you are so full of energy & fun I wondered where you were ??? 🌹🌻☀️From jenny the ice skater ⛸⛸xxx

  5. Hi Pipa missed you on Qvc are you still working there :: hoping you & your family are all ok :: you are so full of energy & fun I wondered where you were ??? 🌹🌻☀️From jenny the ice skater ⛸⛸xxx
    I put in incorrect e mail mid typed

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