Reflection on a decade of changes

I was going to do a review of the year but then I thought, hang on a minute, this is the turn of a decade! So I thought I would have a little look back over the last 10 years and see what’s what. There are gazillions of photos to choose from so it’s been quite tricky. I have found it amusing seeing the quality of them and how it has improved immensely over the last few years thanks to a new camera (and better phone cameras) but I think you catch the drift of changes – and not just my hair!

  • 2010/11 – we started doing quite a few music shows on QVC, which were heaps of fun. I’ve included pics of me with Beverley Knight and Westlife – the day AFTER they announced they were splitting up. Honestly, it was like interviewing 10-year-olds on Smarties, it was absolute bedlam AND of course, loads of fun!
  • 2012 – I hit 40 and decided that I was done with all the fun of short hair, crazy colours and pixie cuts so that came to an end, and around thid time that my whole life took a turn for change. The QVC Christmas promo picture above was one of the very last short haircuts I had.
  • 2013 – I took a few months off and we moved up to the Cotswolds, which in many ways was a daft and blind move but definitely worked out to be a great one! You might spot QVC guest Beverley Cressman in the cabaret pic, she dragged me (not kicking or screaming I should add) into this night of hilarious entertainment and the little person at the back is Beely – you can see how much she has grown since!!
  • 2014 – more change ahead, Brian and I got engaged and 7 weeks later got married – that summer was so beautiful so we just went for it, and what a great day it was!
  • 2015 – Beth came into my life, which was a massive learning curve having never learned to ride until I hit 40. But again, has been a hugely fruitful thing for me to do, despite the odd flying over the handle bars and heart failure at the various monsters that caused her to gallop off in the opposite direction with me on her back, holding on for dear life!
  • 2016 – Beely started secondary school so that became the end of the school run for me – yet another milestone.
  • 2017 – Myles went off to Uzbekistan to be in school for half a term, which was a HUGE adventure for him that resulted in a love of learning to speak multiple languages, including Russian!
  • 2018 – the children continue to grow and blossom and Mum wound up in hospital and then living with us – all change once again.
  • 2019 – almost coming full circle, I decided to start a podcast that has taken me right back to my radio roots, which I have absolutely loved!

So what can I say? It’s just been the most fantastic decade, not always easy, but full of great stuff! These little cuties have been amazing at this thing we call life and who knows what the next decade has in store.

One thing is for definite, time takes its time and as we grow, take risks and make changes, life develops into this wonderful tapestry that is unique to each and every one of us. So, for 2020 and the next decade, my hope for all of us is taken from the words of the Serenity Prayer – that we can accept the things we cannot change, that we find the courage to change the things we can, and that we have the wisdom to know the difference.

Thank you for all your wonderful interaction both here and on social media. I look forward very much to more of it in 2020.

Much love as always and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Pipa xx

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  1. Hi Pipa, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. You are a very inspirational lovely lady. I am sure your family must be so proud of you. You are so right we have to focus on the things that we can change. I feel like you to have a lovely family and friends in my life. Along with my lovely grandchildren. I am truly blessed. Happy New year and God bless you and your lovely family. Antoinette x

    1. Thank you Antoinette, and the same to you too! I’ve had some friends recently become grandchildren – such a blessing!

  2. Hi Pippa.What an amazing blog.So interesting and made me think about what you said about not being able to change some things.You are so right.Hope you and your family have a healthy and happy 2020.

    1. Thanks Veron – yes we can get stuck at those unmovable obstacles without realising perhaps there’s another away around them! All the very best to you too xx

  3. Hi Pippa, Happy New Year to you and your family! You were the first presenter I watched on QVC. You became a firm favourite of mine and made me laugh with your stories. The one that sticks in my mind most is when you mistakenly used silicon instead of grout around your tiles, do you remember? Your producer must have told you where you’d gone wrong as your expression was a picture! I think you may have been pregnant with your Son at the time so that would probably explain things.
    I dont see much of QVC any longer and do most of my purchases online or on the app but whenever I see you presenting a show you always make me smile!

    1. Oh my gosh Susan, I so remember that!!! Hysterical!! I stood their as the penny dropped thinking – THAT’S why I couldn’t get the sticky stuff off my hands!! I think it was less about pregnant and more about not reading the instructions if I’m honest lol! Thanks for your lovely message xx

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