Sights, Sounds and Smellies…

Pipa kissing the Sphinx

Ooh, I feel all refreshed and invigorated after a wonderful break over Easter. We went to visit friends in Cairo and took in as much of the ancient culture as we possibly could in 7 days. The city itself is an assault on all the senses, officially one of the world’s megacities it has a population of 21,750,000. To put that into perspective, London has 9,541,000. We had an incredible time seeing the pyramids (inside and out), visiting museums, seeing Tutankhamen’s tomb, various mummified kings and queens, ancient artefacts etc, it was a wonderful experience. I put a couple of reels on my Instagram if you want a taste of our time there.

Pipa and her family on the Nile

From the crazy souks of Cairo to the peace of watching the sunset while sailing up the Nile on a Felucca, we experienced it all. We then went out into the desert for a couple of days where we visited more ancient sights, did some hair-raising off-roading, sandboarded down dunes and even camped under the stars. You know me, I love camping so I jumped at this. We were far out in the middle of the desert with nothing but sand and desert wolves, under a full moon too! (No, not even a portaloo.)

A group of people having a picnic in the desert

I’m sure you can imagine that by the time we came back to England, I was ready for a deep clean! It took a few goes to feel squeaky again but thanks to QVC I have lots of products to play with.

L'Occitane collection

Speaking of which, we have a wonderful TSV coming from L’Occitane this weekend. It has the all-important hand wash, plus refill, the beautiful shower oil and hand cream to match – which I am using in spades now that the weather has picked up and I’m outside getting the garden in order.

In the meantime, I hope you are keeping well and equally glad to see the signs of summer finally appearing.

Love as always

Pipa xx

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  1. So pleased to hear you enjoyed your time in Cairo. Thought the first picture showing you and the sphinx was hilarious.

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