Sunshine and smiles

Oh my word how happy am I to hear we can hug again! Not only that, my sister can now come and stay and we can even go to the cinema, and eat out, but inside, hooray! Those simple pleasures of hugs and movies and time with loved ones have been so missed haven’t they?!  We’ve got some lovely new things to wear on just such occasions too. In this picture above, I’m wearing two new pieces which I’ve been inundated with questions about. The necklace is a new one to watch out for by Melissa Odabash, I wear her range nearly every day, it’s immensely hardwearing and beautiful too. Equally wearable is Gok’s latest addition to my wardrobe, the WULI:LUU suedette jacket. I’m wearing the tan option but there are five other colours to choose from.

Talking of colour, we didn’t plan to go monochrome here, it just happened. One friend I’ve been lucky enough to see all through lockdown in the QVC studios is the lovely Melissa Hardy. She is one of our style experts and brings us the hugely popular Marla Wynne range. She also brings the German shoe brand Rieker which I’m a huge fan of. It’s always such a pleasure to see her, we try to grab a catch up as best as we can between shows and she’s always a mine of information and hugely passionate about real fashion for real women. I’m wearing the new WynneLayers Sedona matching top and bottoms in this pic which I have been delighted with, just bummed that I missed out on the jacket!

One of the things that I am really looking forward to is sitting outside in the sunshine when it warms up, I’ve so enjoyed the garden over the last year and as soon as the temperature warms up a bit, I’m going to be out there again – I’ve got a fair amount of work to do in the beds, but equally, a fair amount of sitting around and reading to catch up with too – that’s one lockdown habit I’m hanging on to! I have read so many fabulous books over the last year and will be sharing regular book reviews on my social platforms soon. All that aside, we have a special garden chair coming up as a Today’s Special Value on Friday 14th May for you, the GCI Rocker chair. It has built in drink and phone holders, plus a carry handle so if it’s cricket matches or camp sites, beaches or gardens with friends, it will go anywhere with you, plus, it sits on any surface! It has a clever rocking mechanism that allows you to get perfectly comfortable wherever you are!

Finally, I’m slowly coming out of lockdown mode, I even did my first IGTV video last week on how I style my hair into beachy waves using the Dyson Corrale so head over to my Instagram/PipaGordon to see the full thing and master those beachy waves – it really isn’t that hard once you know how.

Enjoy your hugs folks, I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Much love as always

Pipa xx

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  1. Hi pipa,
    You look so happy every time I see you or read a blog. If you could bottle it and sell it it would be great! I hope the rules relax equally all over the UK soon so everyone can enjoy the same things. How is your mum and I hope the kids and exams are going ok. Enjoy seeing your sister x

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for your lovely comment, wouldn’t it be great if it was as easy as bottling happiness up? But then I guess we wouldn’t have the light and shade of the ups and downs that make life what it is, speaking of which, we have finished the exams finally, hooray!!! Much love to you, Pipa xx

    1. Hi, it’s actually a top with trousers, they are the Wynne Layers Sedona tank 189220 and Sedona crop trousers (they match) 189219. xx

    1. Aww thanks Sue, that’s such a compliment as there are so many brilliant ones out there these days!!! Have you joined the Facebook group page? They are a very friendly bunch!! Lots of love, Pipa xx

  2. Dear pippa I’m so glad I’ve found you. My iPad and the Qvc app doesn’t show the presenters in the same way. I’ve watched your shows that you present and love your style. Also because I’m a petit person like yourself it gives me an idea of how things would look on me. More importantly I love love love the Melissa necklace you often wear. Since I’ve moved to Devon I tend not to worry about jewellery so much (doesn’t really mix with sheep 🤣) Although I’m a magpie. Looked everywhere for the necklace and none of Melissa odabash sites feature it. Have a wedding to go to and wearing a black jumpsuit that has a neckline that needs this necklace. Can you tell Qvc to hurry up on featuring it please. Or maybe you know somewhere else that stocks it ? PS got my last baker boy cap (nice) at Zara.

    1. Hi Norma – I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen your message – did you get the necklace? I do hope so! Melissa usually designs pieces for QVC so often you can’t find them elsewhere and this one came and went so quickly! I’m crossing my fingers for you as it would look perfect with a black jumpsuit. Have a lovely summer, much love, Pipa xx – oh and well done on the cap!!!

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