A bountiful harvest

It definitely is full on autumn now! I’ve been out collecting some of my apples and deciding which ones are going to store best throughout the course of the winter. I’ve never had so many apples before and have normally been able to keep them in the fridge but I have so many this year, I have decided to wrap them in kitchen paper towel and try and store them in an old chest of drawers in the shed.

We will see, as the winter progresses, if this is a sensible plan or not.  I’m desperate not to waste such a beautiful crop and certainly have at least two or three apples every day in smoothies, juices, or just crunching my way through them at lunchtime.

I’ve also noticed a massive change in temperature, as I’m sure you have, but especially so when I went swimming on Sunday morning in the lake! When I arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning it wasn’t even 10°C and although I normally swim at least 3 km and sometimes four or five it was chilly enough to have me running for the car after 1 km. There is one more Sunday when we can swim before they ‘close down for the winter’, but even with my winter swimming bonnet on, I’m not sure I’ll be able to join in. However massive respect to those, mostly women it seems, who go swimming every morning in nothing but their speedos! I have to say they are much tougher than I ever will be.

The autumn also brings something rather exciting to look forward to. Having driven over 150,000 miles in my diesel car I have decided that I need to be a little greener and this week sees the arrival of my 100% electric vehicle! I do have some ‘range anxiety’ but I’m hoping that with a little careful management I will not only be greener, quieter and more environmentally responsible, but I’ll be able to listen to my audiobooks in a much more acoustically suitable enclosure.  I’ll let you know more about how it goes when it arrives.

With the colder weather coming our way we’ve got a great line of things to help keep you toasty. Look out for some great special offers including the Lakeland three-tiered drier. I bought one a few years ago and it has been a real game changer. Join the team on Wednesday to find out why it gets so many five star reviews.

I know that with all the news of universities, local lockdowns, mask wearing and huge uncertainty, we’ve been left feeling a little unsettled and somewhat scared but the one thing you can rely on is that we, at QVC will carry on being with you every step of the way!

Take care.

Simon x


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