A brilliant Shark deal

I’m getting familiar with batteries! Having gone all electric with my car (and finally figuring out all the variables with my charging schedules and apps that control things), I have also been trying out a forthcoming TSV from Shark. It’s a rechargeable battery machine (IZ201UKT) and it’s really rather good.

Shark seem to be really leading the way in making powerful battery-operated vacuums at an affordable price, and this one surpassed my expectations. It has every type of tool you would ever need and the two motorised anti hair-wrap heads are very impressive.

The first thing that I tried out was to see if it really did pick up all the hair and not wrap it round the roller. Well, complete success on that front, and we have plenty of hair in our house! As you can see from the video it’s not a scary machine, and it’s quiet operation meant the dogs didn’t mind me doing some housework one little bit!

Meet the new Shark vacuum

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What was also quite surprising was how much very fine dust it picked up, that our other vacuum hadn’t. I think this may have been down to the extra power I could use by pulling the boost trigger. This is a feature that I used a lot (perhaps even 50% of the time), and I thought it might exhaust the battery too quickly. As it turned out the vacuum did the whole house with some power to spare whereas our other vacuum gives up before even half the house is done.

The attachments mean you’ve got it covered no matter what the task, and they all were used to vacuum my wife’s car which has usually got the two dogs in most days of the week. The car hadn’t been done for months so it was pretty bad, but the Shark made short work of it.

In the house the Shark’s flexology meant that vacuuming under the coffee table and other furniture was a breeze, and I must admit that while LED lights on a vacuum haven’t every really seemed necessary to me, they really helped show up dog hairs on a tiled floor that is the same colour as the dog hairs!

It’s equally good on the smooth floors and the carpeted ones but compared to my other vacuum, it was way ahead on the smooth floors leaving them almost polished. I thought I’d test out the anti-wrap capabilities a bit further when I vacuumed out by the shoes. The laces always get caught up by the rotation of the vacuum heads but with Shark they simply don’t get wound up… so neither did I!

The Shark in action

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The Shark will be the star of the day on Saturday 31st October during our Christmas event, and I’m looking forward to seeing Phil Parker show all the features (many of which I probably haven’t even found yet). It’s at a special price that day as our TSV and well worth a look.

We have lots of special offers and codes at the moment. I like the FOOD2Z that gets you two Easy Payments on a selection of food. Who every thought you could have interest-free credit on nosh? Talking of nosh, we have a great KitchenAid TSV mixer on Thursday and I’ll be doing a Facebook Live bakeoff with some of my colleagues. I’m making a savoury spicy tea cake just after The Morning Show that day, so I hope you can join me for that (fingers crossed it rises!).

Lots in store,

Simon x


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