Blooming beautiful!

One of the unanticipated pleasures of chatting to so many experienced and talented gardening experts is that I get to hear about things early on. Talking to David Ponton from Hayloft Plants, George Clowes from de Jager, Ken Evans from Plants2Gardens and of course Richard Jackson is always a pleasure, especially when they ask if I would like to try something new.

Richard did just that last spring when he asked me if I fancied growing some lilies that he was trialing.  He told me there was something special about them but wouldn’t say what. Well, they grew well and produced some lovely flowers and when I posted the pictures on Instagram last summer, he asked me if I had noticed what was so special about them.

I must say I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t noticed… they had no pollen! I have now found out that they are the world’s first pollen free, scented oriental lilies and they were beautiful. You will be able to order them this weekend (20th/21st Feb) as Richard has secured some stock for everyone. Shop them here.

Richard also told us all about another plant, which I rather fancy. It’s an Armeria and it’s tough as old boots but produces beautiful cup or globe-shaped flowers perennially and it’s evergreen. What’s not to love?

Actually, we’ve got a whole load of beautiful plants coming your way and many of the collections take the stress out of planning and finding. Ken Evans from Plants2Gardens has the gardening pick of the month at the moment and it’s a belting offer where you can choose either just the plants or the plants with the planters.

Ken has selected some great plants that will grow so well together, and because they are delivered in May as big ol’ garden ready plants, it means you don’t need window space… just bung ‘em in and watch ‘em grow.  All you need is some compost.

Mind you, even if that is too much Thompson & Morgan have a great Big Deal until Sunday where you get everything you need, including plants, compost, feed and pots. All you have to do is water them. Now that’s what I call easy gardening.

Something else I just wanted to draw your attention to is the Innovators Cocoon Chair, which is now back in stock. I got one of these a few years ago and it’s the best. Michael Perry just ordered his and everyone is going crazy for them (especially as they have been out of stock for a while). They won’t last long!

Oh, the joys of looking forward to a new gardening season; planning, shopping, planting and enjoying… there’s loads in store!

I’m loving the new Health & Wellbeing slot on QVC Extra at 11.00am daily (Sky channel 682 and Freesat channel 802). Great solutions to looking after ourselves when the gyms are shut and lots of advice from the experts on nutrition and supplementation. Pop in sometime!

Simon x


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