Bountiful harvest

As autumn is definitely upon us I have been out picking a wonderful array of fruit, which I have been sharing with my colleagues at QVC. We’ve had an abundance of damsons, a wonderful selection of plums, a huge and beautiful crop of juicy, sweet pears and a great variety of apples, some of which have been wonderful and some of which have been a bit disappointing.

I have made some delightful damson jam and am just in the process of developing a new recipe for damson gin, which should be ready for Christmas!

I always love this time of year as the hard work that has been put into looking after my fruit trees does pay some wonderful dividends, but there’s always a slight sadness that the summer is over, and while I do enjoy the cooler weather, those dark mornings can be a bit depressing. However, there’s always so much to look forward to and some of the news coming from QVC about future special offers has certainly livened up my spirits.

I met Lee Holbein at the weekend and he was telling me about the duo of Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K that we had on offer. This really is an amazing deal and having talked to Lee I can now see why two of them is a great idea. I think many of us have the ‘older television’ in the spare bedroom/kitchen/conservatory, but this Fire Stick can turn it into a truly very smart TV, which can also be voice controlled. We have a big smart TV and it’s relatively new and although it has Amazon Prime Video available as an app we can’t control it with our voice, but with the Fire Stick we could. The price is an incredible offer …while we still have stock!

At the weekend we also have a very special offer on a product that I bought many years ago from QVC, and it has rescued me on many occasions.

It’s the Lakeland Dry Soon Three Tier Airer. This is a very lightweight unit that can open out to provide a complete drying room for your garments be those that have been washed or ones that just need drive because you been out for a horrible don’t walk in the rain.

It plugs into the mains and the cover that it comes with creates the best environment for drying clothes quickly. I was very sceptical that this would be useful but it has been an absolute lifesaver and a great one to have on a special offer. I’m off for the weekend, but the rest of the gang will tell you all about it.

I know there is a touch of insider-trading here but there is also something that is that will appear on the website in October too and it comes from the lovely Abi Cleeve – she has a special offer on the Skinsense Overnight Leave-On Mask, which will come in a 200ml supersize formula.

I know this has been a real favourite as there were so many five star reviews for this beautiful cooling and hydrating gel. It has hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed proteins and many other wonderful ingredients that Abi has selected which, together with her lamellar technology, works to help your skin transform overnight. You wake up in the morning with glowing, plump, firm and baby-like skin, and that has got to be good! Keep an eye out for it as it will be appearing soon.

Something else that is going to appear on the website in October and your screens too, I know you adore!

In fact I’ll probably be told off for telling you about it, but the Color Wow Dream Coat is appearing in a huge 500ml size. Having talked to the various Color Wow specialists and seen the demonstrations, I can understand why this is so popular and has so many five star reviews. It’s like an umbrella for your hair leaving you with sleek and smooth, humidity-proof tresses. The amazing thing is the treatment lasts for up to two or three washes and yet it’s not greasy or oily. If you suffer from frizzy hair or uncontrollable hair especially when the humidity hits you will adore this, and it could well be the only product you ever need!

Well some inside track news for the Q, check in again for a few more as we head into the autumn.

Simon x


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  1. Great blog Simon 😀, you’re clever! 😀🍇🍐🍐🍐🍇…maybe win a great taste award for your jam??heehee…still have my clourwaw from last tsv but await my Lakeland dryer with excitement #simplethings. Have a great harvest / Autumn. Lots of Love Christina, Scottish also like your wife 🙂 X

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