Busy, busy, busy

I know spring hasn’t even sprung yet, but it’s been sooo busy! I took half term off the other week so I could spend some time with my daughter and she encouraged me to get at it! We decorated a room, put up new curtains and cleared out all the old junk from when she was just a little girl.

It felt really good to get one room all tickedy boo and, of course, QVC came to my rescue when getting all manner of “bits” out of the carpet with the Ecoegg stain remover. It’s good stuff.

We also did some great cooking (well, really it was my daughter mostly while I ‘guided’.) She made some great cakes using her Kitchenaid Christmas present and Wagamama came home with her katsu pork and sticky rice with homemade a mai sauce. It’s a high class problem having a foodie for a daughter… no complaints!

It’s also great to have the gardening shows back in full steam at the Q. Michael and I have been swapping ideas about all manner of plants and we’ve both been ordering loads too. Michael took delivery of his cocoon chair, which he was very excited about. We got ours a year or two ago and my daughter and I found it very easy to put up , as you can see.

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I have been busy ordering lots of bedding plants plus some for pots and window boxes too. There is so much ready to come on air, with loads of new plants and garden furniture, it’s always a very exciting time for those who love our gardens.

Lots of new things from the beauty department too. I was given the new Water Mint fragranced Elemis Cleansing Balm and I am in love! It’s such a lovely new light and airy, outdoorsy, bright fragrance and I think it will be a real favourite once you tried it.

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But if I hear correctly, there are loads of new and exciting beauty products about to arrive on the QVC door step, so stay tuned.

I’m not the only one who’s been busy! Charlie Brook has been beavering away and has designed a stunning new necklace. In fact, we have all liked it so much, it’s been given the Diamonique Design of the Month award. You can have a look at it here and read all about it here. It could be a lovely little gift for Mother’s Day or just a treat to make yourself feel better. Charlie worked hard on the design and I must say, I think he’s nailed it!

I hope you are all doing ok and managing with the Zoom meetings and lockdown restrictions. We’re all still trying to keep things going at QVC and bring you loads of new and exciting things. We are all looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel but no matter what, here at the Q, we’re always with you.

Take care

Simon x



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  1. Hi Simon
    You’ve been having a busy time with your daughter which looked fun but you’re missed on the TV, I miss the dapper new outfits you have, I’m still waiting for you, Glen and Micael to get your men’s range going, now that would be something to look forward to.

  2. Hi simon hope you and your family are well i remebr you from mid90s on my own local itv grampian tv you presente i think aseried the glorious north which i think came from ahaunted castle maybe you can clarify this.the first time writing to you.

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