Can’t wait to get at it

I haven’t been in for a few days due to a kidney infection… ouch! I’ve been looking after myself, having my 8 Greens and it’s all clearing up now, so I’ll be back in soon. Having watched quite a bit of QVC over the past few days I’ve missed a lot! The good news is there’s always loads in store and I’ve got lots to look forward to.

One of my favourite brands Australian Bodycare has one of their rare TSVs and I think it’s a beauty. There are three choices of fragrance: Lavender, Citrus or Original, and in each collection you get a full litre of the fragranced Skin Wash, 500ml of the Original Skin Wash, a 24-piece pack of Tea Tree Wipes and a 10ml Tea Tree Concentrate. All of this at an amazing one-day-only price.

I use the Australian Bodycare Skin Wash every day as there quite simply isn’t anything that is better. It’s such a staple in our house that my son even had to take some to Norway with him and I always take some when travelling anywhere (you remember those days). We haven’t had a four-piece TSV from ABC since 2018 so it’s a great chance to grab a box of your favourites. Plus, it’s especially handy as we continue to try and exercise sensible hygiene as much as possible…

Annette will be joining me on Tuesday 2nd Feb for the whole day, but my experience tells me not to leave it too late in the day to place your order as her collections have a habit of selling out early.

I was also delighted to see that the It Works water activated cleaning blocks are back! I may have missed them but I haven’t seen them on air for ages so (I know this is a bit sad) got quite excited about stocking up! These simple and yet so clever blocks only need water to turn into a real cleaning power-house! They have rescued me many times when chemicals and cloths have failed. Russell Bristol will be elbow-deep in grease and lime scale all of Friday, but I’m sure by the time he has finished the studio will be sparkling.

I’ll get back into the swing of things really quickly and I’m looking forward to it!

Simon x


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