Flower power

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Q and I have been loving the variety of all the special offers we have had. I’m also really enjoying the opportunity to see some friends again, as more and more guests that I know and love are managing to come into the studios, maintain a social distance and not over-populate our TV sets.

I had some great shows with our plant expert Michael Perry and learned a huge amount about lots of new and exciting plants. We also had a bit of a floral competition… I’m not sure who won! With all the fantastic plants he talked me through, I ended up tapping the app and many have already turned up and at potted.

Richard Jackson gave me some lily bulbs that he said were rather special, but as it was late in the season he wasn’t sure if they would amount to much, but wow, they are beauties and I hope we manage to get some stock in for next year so you can enjoy them too.

It was great to Rosa Speyer to talk Yankee Candles, and she had super Big Deal and it was really nice to hear her lovely descriptions of the fabulous fragrances again… it’s funny what you miss during lockdown, but I’ve really missed all the guests and their fabulous words!

Ruth Francis has popped in a few times and we had a great day talking about the benefits of our Perfect Formula TSV. it’s a favourite in our house and a great offer so I hope you got yours.

There are so many wonderful things in the pipeline but I am not at liberty to give out any information, but one thing you can rely on is, ‘there’s lots in store!’

See you soon!

Simon X

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  1. Hi Simon, those lilies are so beautiful. I hope they come back in stock. I would definitely order some. What are they call. Thank you.

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