Happy New Year from me to you!

I hope you had a great Christmas and the New Year has got off to a wonderful start. Here at QVC, 2020 is certainly off with a bang.

Richard Jackson has a wonderful special offer to keep the birds happy. His fabulous bird feed is our gardening pick of the month and has been improved! Now with WHOLE sunflower hearts: so more energy in each peck. By changing to whole sunflower hearts, it also helps reduce dust in the mix (a common problem with bird food).

It has higher energy suet pellets using a new recipe with even more ‘juice’ to fuel the birds activities. Plus, Oat Groats: easier to eat, faster to digest, also less dust. It still has the meal worms and all the other healthy ingredients and judging by the reaction of the great tits and blue tits in my garden…. the birds love it!

Monday 6th Jan sees the launch of a rather unique Big Deal. It’s the Silk’n Toothbrush. Amy Burrows told me all about it recently and I have to say I am tempted to buy one. It uses sonic power to get your teeth clean but also RF technology to dislodge the stains and get them really clean and white.

It’s a bit more expensive that standard tooth brushes but it is far from standard. The whole system, despite it looking like any old toothbrush, is completely different and I would like to try it with the 30 day money back guarantee to see if could improve the ‘ol pearly whites.

Tuesday 7th sees a rather unorthodox TSV as they are cloths. But these aren’t just any old cloths….. these are Kochblume cloths! I remember when our special guest Mark Deneberger came over from Germany to do his first show and I was lucky enough to work with him. He brought many new things that were fabulous but it was his cloths that I was most impressed with. They are just super high quality and brilliant at drying, washing and cleaning everything.

I know it’s hard to get excited about cleaning but these cloths will do it! I joked with him at the time that ‘these should be his first TSV’ …but the joke is on me now!

 Wednesday 8th has Lisa from Philip Kingsley joining us for a super way to make your hair amazing. This isn’t a styling product or tool but some supplements. Lisa is a trichologist and she knows that we are what we eat and skin and hair are the last on the list if we are deficient in vitamins and minerals.

The TSV is a 120 supply of Tricho Complex and a Tricho Pro Volumising Protein Spray. The Philip Kingsley range of supplements has been so well researched by specialists in hair that I don’t believe there is anything better.

If you have damaged hair, problems growing your hair or hair that is just really not how you want it to be, be sure to tune in. It’s a fab offer but it’s hard sometimes to know if things for your hair are working as the hair cycle is soooo slow. But with a 120 day money back guarantee you really can find out for sure.

 Thursday 9th has, I think, my favourite TSV of the week. Joe and Sarah from Grumpy Gardener have developed a wonderful bird feeding station. It feeds the birds peanut butter! I know. But it’s special peanut butter developed just for birds as the human version wouldn’t be good for them. I had a single jar feeder from them before and the birds went crazy for it but this one is a four jar feeding station.

I tried to film the action using my GoPro but the weather was so wet for such a long time it was difficult to get much filming done. I hope what I managed looks OK!

All in all a smashing start to 2020 and I’m sure there will be loads in store.

Simon x


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