I did it!

I finished my #swim22 challenge and managed to swim the distance of the English channel. I was raising money and awareness for Diabetes UK and originally had three months to swim that distance. I made myself the challenge of swimming it all outdoors (I do love an open water swim) but due to getting Covid and being too unwell to swim for a few months, I ended up only having about five weeks. The last few weeks those outdoor swims have felt a bit brisk, but I feel proud (like all the other participants) to have done it!

After all that swimming I certainly needed my sleep and I have been lucky enough to be able to try out a new arrival at the Q. On Tuesday the 26th October we welcome Emma, the renowned mattress company. They deliver highly sophisticated mattresses vacuum packed so they are much easier to get to your bedroom. They are hybrid mattresses which means they have a variety of different types of foam and steel springs. A few weeks ago, I met up (via a video link) with Jerry Baker a specialist from Emma to find out all about it. What Jerry doesn’t know about beds isn’t worth knowing. He’s worked for years for all the major bed companies, and I have to say I did find the Emma story very appealing. We have a great deal on the mattresses on Tuesday as they are our Today’s Special Value for the day and Jerry will be in the studio to explain all about them. I’ll be looking forward to getting into bed with Emma soon!

On Thursday Chris Luckham, the head of education and the inhouse skincare expert, from Foreo will be dropping into the Q, by UFO. He’s going to be a bit like Father Christmas as he will be baring gifts, and then some! He tells me that his UFO antiaging skincare mask uses LED’s and crypto therapy to help with you skin aging problems. I’ll look out my best star trek outfit and see if I can get Chris to explain what his Today’s Special Value is all about.

We’ve got a big Taste of Christmas event coming up soon so I’, off to see if I can find out what’s in the Hotel Chocolate Today’s Special Value and if Andi Peters and Dale will leave any food for anyone else (they have two two-hour shows that day) – look out the Alka-Seltzer boys!

Goodness – there’s lots in store!

Simon x


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  1. 👍Well done Simon (Iron man) Biagi 👏👏 you should feel very proud! – ‘Made in Scotland from girders’💪🙌 x

  2. Great effort Simon for a grand cause. Well done for swimming in cold water and who knows what else! Cannot keep a good Scotsman down.

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