I love Lock & Lock

I do love a bit of Lock & Lock! It’s almost a currency at the Q with everyone who brings in food or leftovers favouring the reliable and solid Lock & Lock system. However, despite the fact that I have bought several sets over the past 10 years, I have found myself running out of a few of the favourite sizes.

Now, none have every failed on me, none have ever let me down… but they just go missing! I have questioned the dishwasher to see if it’s eating them and I know the kids have ‘left’ a few in various places. I am guilty of ‘borrowing’ a few of the food ones for my DIY supplies  but I really think there may be a conspiracy theory to talk about!

Discovering our Lock & Lock deal

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Good news! There’s a special Lock & Lock offer coming up on Wednesday 3rd June with a great 15-piece set with some real favourites. We have five colours to choose from and it’s just in time for all the leftover BBQ food and maybe the odd pack lunch (with sandwich bars and cafes being closed) and of course the chance of picnic has resurfaced so they are great for that too.

I’ll be joining Simon Brown on Wednesday to find out more, I hope you can join us too!

Simon x

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