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Hi All

It’s been a few months since my last blog as I was off work for a bit due to the ‘ol Covid. It’s wasn’t pleasant, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, and with the whole family getting it at the same time we didn’t have the best of summer holidays. However, I’m glad to say we have all recovered and now that we are all brimming with antibodies we are getting back to normal.

Although it’s a new normal as my son has left on a five year university journey so the house is a bit quieter than normal. He’s doing Biomedical science so has many challenges ahead but in his first week the biggest stress is what and how to cook (the phrase ‘ I told you so’ is very close to my lips). On the positive side our food bill has been dramatically reduced now I’m cooking for three.

By the way, if you like your cooking, we have a rather super Le Creuset Today’s Special Value coming your way next weekend (Sat 9th October) and I was given one part of the set. I don’t have anything like this and found it great to cook on. The set comprises of a 26cm casserole pan with lid and the 32cm grill tray that I was using. I have a casserole pan and they are so good to cook with as the cast iron with the enamel is so nonstick and heat-retaining they work brilliantly from oven to table. The grill tray was new to me and the first night home (as my daughter had life guard trading in the early evening)  I just thought we’d have a burger. I used it on top of my gas range to sear the outside and then popped the whole thing in the oven to finish off (Ali Haigh’s great tips helping me here). The results were fab. Charbroiled top but moist and juicy inside. I’m going to enjoy using this in the years ahead and with a lifetime guarantee I know there will be many years.


Lots has been happening at the Q since I was in last  (as it was summer then!) The season has definitely changed and the Christmas decorations have started to appear. We had out Christmas tree Today’s Special Value at the weekend and the studios looked very festive, especially our studio A which has been undergoing a makeover… I like it and think it will be great fun to use. I can’t wait to do a Charlie Bears show in the new alcove Chip and the team have created.  Of course as were are now heading full steam towards the big Yo Ho Ho, the tended Christmas money back guarantee has been activated – so any gifts you buy from now until the end of November can be returned until the 25th of January (see the website for full details). It certainly makes Christmas shopping a lot less stressful.

Another thing that has been activated is a new app dedicated to all QVC shoppers across the world. It’s called Qurio and it’s free on Android and iOS platforms, and opens the door for everyone to join in with chat, tips and comments about QVC and all the amazing products we offer. I know many of you have already discovered it and and have joined in but it would be great to have everyone involved so do check it out. The app is available to download from Google play and Apple App Store, just search ‘Qurio’.


I will be heading to the river for my first swim in nearly two months and the temperature will no doubt have plummeted since my last dip. However, it’s all in a good cause as I am raising money for DiabetesUK and their swim22 challenge is all about us trying to swim the length of the English Chanel. I was all on track to swim there and back but with six or seven of the 12 weeks off due to Covid, I’ll be lucky just to get there. I managed just under 14 miles in the first few weeks but now I have just over three weeks left. Cheer me along and if you would like to goad me into action by sponsoring me you can head to my Just Giving page. I promised to do all my swimming outdoors and that won’t change but I know it’ll be cold in the river as we near November!

It’s great to be back and I look forward to all the fun heading your way over the next few months.

Simon x

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  1. Good to see you back, Simon, and glad you and your family are all feeling better. Covid is definitely no fun – our whole family had it over Christmas last year. But we’ve had our third booster jab now, so are ready for the winter. Flu jabs next week.
    I remember when mine left for uni – the house feels so quiet … and tidy! You’ll soon get used to it, and he’ll be back often with sacks full of laundry!
    Enjoy your swimming and take care x

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