Is spring a-springing?

Spring seems to be on the way – yay!

It always gladdens my heart when I see the first signs of spring; daffodils, snowdrops and this year, even some tulips already. I have read some reports telling us that spring could be as much as a month earlier than normal, and there are certainly signs that things are happening. After all, it’s only very early February and there’s a lot of greenery appearing in my garden.

I’m looking forward to seeing the tulip Gudoshnik bulbs from Plants2Gardens do well. Planted them towards the end of October and they produce the most amazing, big blousy blooms. Fingers crossed that they do well!

Actually, it would be pretty good if the spring would start early as the grass on the rugby pitches would come back again. Sunday saw me first aiding at my daughters rugby match and we were away. The opposition must have forgotten that grass was required (as you can see from the picture), which meant I was kept busy patching up the odd cut from the stones and sand… ouch!

A sure sign that spring is on its way is when we see the first special offer of the year from Ultrasun. It’s not so much about protecting yourself from the summer sun on holiday, more of a year round battle protecting against and repairing the pigmentation issues. We have a three-piece kit with face hands and lips all taken care of.

Ruth Francis has another great offer from the Tili range and it’s one of her ever-popular vanity cases in home and away sizes. I don’t think you can ever get enough of these and with the special price for a week or so, you should have a look for a second one.

I know a lot of people will be thinking about booking a holiday again for the first time in ages, so look out for a great luggage TSV we have coming up in the next few weeks from Hayes. They are great at making suitcases!

It’s always exciting when Elemis bring us a big skincare offer, and this one is no exception.

This kit combines hero products from the Pro-Collagen and Superfood ranges, and it has something for everyone! A great collection to add to your routine as we head into spring. It’s currently available on pre-launch – don’t miss out.

We were looking forward to a break away for a few nights during half term. My daughter and I are doing a cookery course and my wife is going to come and watch… from a spa. It’s in Yorkshire and the dogs are coming too (it could be a bit crazy).

Lots to look forward to!

Simon x

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