It’s a roller coaster

The past few weeks have seen a few ups and downs… and that’s quite an understatement!

However, it’s good to know that one thing remains consistent… QVC will continue to be here bringing you a great variety of special offers at amazing prices.

On a personal note… I have signed up for an electric car! So that’ll be Catherine, Dale and I who are going green and quietly arriving at work. It’ll take a while before it arrives so more on that at some point in the future. Also I have been shopping quite a bit at the Q having joined many thousands of you in buying the Babyliss TSV and Neom’s amazing Big Deal  – it’s Mother’s Day soon.

I’m back in on Wednesday and will be very happy to join the lovely Karra Beck from Perricone to hear about the amazing offer we have for our TSV. You can save over £300 and I have been trying the new firming serum, which is a huge leap forward in skincare using the latest scientific knowledge and expertise from this incredible brand.

Karra is on hand to share all the details, along with the other amazing items in this special one day offer on the Morning Show. It’s certainly one of the best Perricone offers I’ve ever seen and if firming your skin is something you’re interested in, then it’s right up your street.

I was having a long chat to Richard Jackson the other day about how the ground has taken a real hammering over the winter. We have had mild temperatures but very very wet. So much of the soil’s nutrients and minerals have been leached (washed away) and as it’s been so mild and wet the moss on my lawn is quite incredible. Richard knows I am a time-pressed gardener (which can often be called lazy), and when I was moaning about all the hard work that would be involved in getting the lawn under control, he mentioned that he was introducing a new solution to the problem; a three-in-one lawn treatment.

It’s a granular feed that also has a weedkiller and moss killer built in! Now this seems like a very good idea, given that I need to feed the lawn now and it’s got terrible moss and the little weeds that have been resting over the winter have just started to grow. It’s a little early to get the full benefit from it (so no before and after pictures), but I feel poised and ready. Join us on Sunday 22nd to find out more and place your orders.

Another bit of insider trading I want to share with you is what Margaret Dabbs has planned. She has been looking after our feet (and legs with her March Pick of the Month) for many years but now, so she told me in the corridor the other day, she has your shoes in her sights. I haven’t seen it yet but apparently she has a shoe sanitiser that will dry your shoes and flood them with ozone to help keep them clean and fresh.

It sounds amazing and perfect for anyone who is concerned about a whiff that can so easily develop in the old trainers or work shoes. Talking to Margaret who, let’s face it, has seen more feet that anyone else I know, she says good clean and hygienic shoes are inextricably linked to healthy happy feet! It all makes sense so I’ll be looking forward to seeing the device in person on Wednesday 25th March… drop in to the Morning Show to find out more.

I also bumped into the very lovely and knowledgeable Katie from Prai. She was telling me about the forthcoming TSV from Cathy Kangas’ Ageless range. In this set you’ll receive a lightweight serum, day cream and a night cream, which will all help to target visible signs of ageing on your throat, neck and chest. It’s a fantastic price and the range is one of our bestsellers.

That will be on Friday so I won’t be in the Q to see it, but I think a lot of people will like what they see… and the price!

Lots in store!

Simon x


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