It’s a snip!

It’s difficult to get excited about a pair or scissors but when Kuhn Rikon get involved it does make things easier. I have these snips ( and several of them) for many years and they have served me very well. When most scissors give up the ghost (because they become blunt or loose) the Kuhn Rikon shears just keep going. I have one pair in my shed and they have been used for everything from trimming the flight feathers on my hens, to cutting weed matting and building a poly tunnel!

The ones I have in the kitchen get used every day for all the normal things but the amazing thing is they just don’t get blunt or become ‘old’ like other scissors. We have an opportunity for you to try these great tools as they are a Today’s Special Value offer on Wednesday the 6th of July. They will be a great price and with a 60 day money back guarantee you can make sure they are the sort of scissors you will keep for years rather than replacing every year or so… And that is good value!

Simon X


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