I’ve gone all Buck Rogers!

In an attempt to keep up with new innovations and look after the environment, I finally decided that my old diesel car, which had done 150,000 miles, was ready for a new owner – and I have gone fully electric!

I had been considering getting a hybrid so that I wouldn’t be stranded, having a little bit of range anxiety, but if you’re in for a penny you’re in for a pound! My car has 450kg of battery and should take me nearly 280 miles in between charges so I shouldn’t have too much difficulty as after that much driving I’ll need a cup of coffee anyway.

I haven’t had a new car in over 20 years so it is a bit exciting and there’s a lot of new technology for me to learn, in actual fact I’m only about halfway through the manual. I do drive quite a few miles each year and I know I feel  a little bit better that I’m doing my bit to be kinder to the environment.

It’s hard keeping pace with the technology in the car and some of the offers that are headed your way in the near future at QVC. For example, just this week we have a retinol collection from M. Asam (233217), some knee-high boots from Moda in Pelle (359893), a holiday make-up collection from Laura Geller (699650) and a great Bose sound touch music system (958250).

There are loads of big deals, special offers and coupon codes to apply and we haven’t seen the big Elemis Christmas TSV yet so more of that to come. There’s always loads in store at QVC.

Simon x 


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  1. Congratulations on the new car. I’ll be interested to see how you get on, we’re thinking of all electric maybe next year, getting rid of our diesel too, we have to look to the future. How long does it take to charge the flux capacitor!!!!

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