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We are really getting going at the moment with a whole raft of special voucher promotions and special offers that are only for a limited time. Luckily I get to try out some of them and they are really good.

One of the up and coming highlights are a set of pull cord light bulbs from Langdons. We have seen various versions of these in the past and they are always popular but I think these may be the best yet. As our special offer, for only one day, we have three globe shaped pull cord lights and inside each of them are a string of rice lights that can either light up white or the most amazing technicolour colour-changing display.

The lights are weather-proof, so can be used indoors or outdoors and as they are battery operated they can be placed anywhere. ‘ The cherry on the cake’ is the fact that they come with a remote control that can switch them on/off or change their colour, and this operates from more than 6m away ( in my back garden at any rate!).

The lights look pretty nifty in daylight and the white lights are bright and give a very usable and pleasant crisp, party atmosphere. But it’s the colour-changing display that got me most. I tried to video it so you could see just how wonderfully bright and explosive they are! I think they are wicked.

Langdon set of three lights offer

Today’s Special Value offer from Langdon’s – a set of three Pull Cord Lightbulbs with a Colour Change Option

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Beauty Day saw some amazing offers but the only one I tried was the Percy And Reed I’m no flake shampoo! I don’t really have a dandruff problem but do suffer from an itchy scalp sometimes and I did find this shampoo very soothing and at the same time very nice for the hair ( apologies for the scary picture!).

Lots more news coming with special offers on Amazon products to be revealed soon.

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