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Motorola released its original edge series in mid-2020 and it was all about a striking design with, most prominently of all, a curved edge display. It was that key word – edge – that defined the product.

Flash forward a little over a year and the Moto Edge is back for round two but, hang on a minute, where’s the curved edge display gone? The Moto Edge 20 has a flat screen. Some might say it therefore lost its edge – figuratively and literally – but I think it’s a much nicer design and as someone who has had an edge phone for a while, it’s a feature I never use and find rather annoying.  Motorola is a brand with decades of heritage, bringing us the iconic Motorola brick and the first ever flip-phone! Didn’t we all have one of those back in the day. Now the company has been acquired by Lenovo (the massive computer giant) and that has led to major advantages. Our last handset TSV was way back in May 2021, and we’re back with our first Motorola handset TSV and our first handset TSV of 2022!

This phone will arrive SIM free which means you’ll receive an unlocked device, so there’s no requirement to commit to any network, leaving you free to decide which network to use. My whole family have sim free handsets bout that from QVC and they save us a fortune as we can choose the right tariff and provider that best suits what we need. By the way , it’s dual SIM which means you could have a SIM for phone calls abroad which has become a bit of a thing again!

At just 7mm the Motorola Edge 20 is incredibly light and slim. You can also enjoy a vibrant and smooth 144 Hz OLED display. And experience unbelievable performance with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 5G speeds.

The Motorola Edge 20 possesses 3 rear cameras and 108 MP camera system allowing you to get creative with your photos! While the ultra-wide lens is ideal for group and landscape shots the 30x Super Zoom will allow you to get epic close-up pictures! Always look your best with a front-facing 32 MP selfie camera with Quad Pixel technology and 4K UHD video capture. Record the rear and selfie cameras at the same time, so you never miss any of the action! You also have the option to switch to Night Vision mode to get bright, vivid photos and selfies with stunning clarity and more accurate colours. Even at night.

Our special offer even has a 30W turbo charger, so you can top up your power super quick. I know James Murden will be like a coiled spring on Monday night and Tuesday through the day next week, so join us on the morning show at 9am to find out more.

Don’t forget with a 60 day money back guarantee and no contract, this sleek phone has to be one of the best ways to buy a new phone!

Simon x


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