My favourite Dyson

Simon Biagi holding a Dyson V8 Animal vacuum cleaner

…it’s the V8 Animal.

I have had and trialed a number of Dyson vacuum cleaners and my favourite one is the V8. It has the best suction and features/price ratio in my opinion. No, it doesn’t have the longest battery life or LCD screen telling you all sorts of information but it seems to hit exactly the right balance when it comes to ‘bang for your Buck’!

I have had one for many years and the battery life is adequate for giving the main parts of the house a good clean. I use mine mostly on high power for the carpets (two dogs and two cats), and low power on the hard floors, and it gets round the whole place before I need to charge it again. TICK.

The dust container is not as big as some of the latest models but I only ever need to empty it when I’ve finished cleaning so it’s just right. TICK.

The cleaning attachments are pretty much the same as all the other models but I do find that the floor head gets better contact and a firmer suction than some of the other more expensive Animal models so – TICK.

The price – well it’s a good value option that doesn’t break the bank but does offer you all the basic functions that all the top-end Dyson vacs do but just without some of the whistles and bells. With our TSV price on Saturday 9th July and Easy Payments too, I’d say that’s another TICK.

Join us at the weekend and put one to the test.

Simon x

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