Oh what fun!

We have been having loads of fun at work with some great shows. Kathy and I have been shepherding the morning show, hopefully in the right direction.

I always love the variety of that show and some of the fun stuff we have. The Set of 2 Junior True Balance Wooden Handheld Balancer was a real hit the other day especially when, behind the scenes, Capri (one of our floor managers), managed to balance two of them, one in each hand, upside down at the same time… she’s the master!

My daughter found that she had a lodger in the drawer of towels under the sink in her bathroom. She saw acorns and thought it was a squirrel! Luckily it was only a wee mouse. We rehomed him fairly easily but the towels that he was chewing, have gone to the dogs… literally!

We had some great shows when Tommy Cross was in with the Tactical Pen TSV. He did some super sketches of many of the presenters and now they are hanging on the wall outside our dressing rooms! Tommy is always great fun and brings us many practical presents.

Still looking for some gifts before Christmas, well there aren’t many shopping days left as our last day in time for delivery for Christmas will be the 22nd!

Simon x


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