QVC Unwrapped

Simon in the SFIXX glasses

There’s lots going at the Q right now, and much of it you would expect, but there’s a new thing hitting your screens this weekend called ‘QVC Unwrapped’. More cameras filming more of what goes on at QVC, especially behind the cameras and behind the scenes.

Simon and Ruth with the Tili vanity case

So many people ask me about what happens, what people are like, how we do things, how big is QVC, what are the studios like etc and all these questions, and more, will be answered. I’m not at work this weekend but I will be tuning in to see how it looks and if you would like to see what goes on you should pop by for a bit.

Hotel Chocolat Podster Coffee Machine

We have some amazing offers, of course! I particularly like our vanity case Big Deal from Tili which the lovely Ruth Francis told me about. I have found the SFIXX Big Deal very useful this week as it’s helped my eyes rest a bit when I’m doing the close-up inspection of things.

L'Occitane skincare favourites

At the weekend we have a great Hotel Chocolat coffee machine (I know!) and the best L’Occitane bundle I’ve seen for a long while. I have a fair bit of my Christmas shopping already done and dusted but there is always so much in store I feel a few more things may be required!

Let’s unwrap things at the Q this weekend!

Simon x

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