Richard Jackson’s blooming marvellous!

I was chatting to Richard Jackson the other day and he was telling me about his first Today’s Special Value offer of 2020. It’s always a great pleasure to talk to Richard about plants as he has a real passion that has never waned. This particular collection of plants that he is bringing to QVC for a one-day only special offer, is a show-stopping collection of Begonia Majestic plug plants.

These easy-to-grow plants will produce huge, gorgeously ruffled flowers in the summer, in six vibrant shades, and they come with a 100g pouch of Rootbuster (which is quite marvellous stuff that I have used on all my potted plants since Richard first told me about a few years ago). You’ll be able to create a spectacular display in your garden with these vivid flowers, which will look beautiful in pots or borders.

These begonias are special as they are gorgeous giants with each plant producing huge ruffled blooms that can grow up to 20cm across – three times the size of ordinary begonias. But Richard has chosen them carefully as he knows how difficult the weather can be on flowering plants and These begonias structure is  tougher and stronger than the average begonia, so they will tolerate summer downpours and last up to the first frosts.

They are going to be a marvellous colourful  display in your garden with a vibrant array of sunset shades, with six different colours in the collection, including Soft Pink, Red and Sunburst. Get creative with your display and enjoy continuous colour from summer through to late autumn.

These begonia plants are easy to care for, and with Richard Jackson’s Rootbuster you can get them off to the best possible start. In addition, the plants produce small tubers that can be lifted in the autumn, over-wintered in a frost-free place and then re-planted the following year.

They will start flowering from June till very late autumn and are happy with a good sunny position or in partial shade. For any gardener who wants some proper punch in the garden but without any great effort, these will be perfect.

I’ll be looking forward to joining Richard and getting my fingers a bit greener this Saturday to kick off the start of a new month. Join us if you can.

Simon x


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