I can taste Christmas

Selection of Hotel Chocolat sweets

As we are into November now, I can almost literally taste Christmas! The studio is so often filled with tinsel and trees, and our studio B (where the kitchen is) is rapidly becoming my favourite place to hang out as that is where a wonderful array of Christmassy smells are emanating from.

I won’t be moving far from there on Tuesday the 9th of November as that is going to the hub for our Taste of Christmas event. Every culinary delight you can imagine to make your festive celebrations an epicurean delight… And so much more!

Stew in a Le Creuset pan

Dale and Andy Peters are getting ready for two two-hour shows in one day…. Gluttons! But I do enjoy watching them and seeing the chaos that ensues. They’ll be on at 1pm ’til 3pm and again at 6pm ’til 8pm … don’t forget the Alka Seltzer, boys! Charlie has a great show at 5pm with the lovely range of Culinary Concepts and I have bought quite a few pieces as presents, so I will be watching that one for some great ideas. But my shows are the best….. of course!

At 9pm I’ll be opening up The Festive Food Hall, which will be stunning! I have already ordered my meat hamper from Althams and my special mince pies from Wilfs but I will have to wait to order the Hotel Chocolat Today’s Special Value, it’s launching at 9pm next Monday. I can’t tell you exactly what it is yet but suffice to say there’s lots in store! Two gift boxes with 12 trays of Selector delights.

I know that Kirri, one of Hotel Chocolat’s master chocolatiers, has woven her wonderful taste sensation spell over the selection, when I see things like; Raspberry Smoothie, Gianduja Bombé and Salted Espresso Martini on the menu. As I will be presenting the show, I will have to try the Blackcurrant Cheesecake and the Christmas Mess but perhaps the Clementine one is the most intriguing as I know Kirri will have used the finest natural clementine flavour and that’s a real taste of Christmas for me. I have also got a great KitchenAid show on the day with the great Masterchef winner Thomas Frake, so I undoubtedly will have to go for a brisk walk at lunchtime to burn off some calories, but it will be worth it.

I love Christmas, but most of all I love the food at Christmas – the special goodies, the different dishes and I rather love the excess of it all too! If you too love the taste of Christmas then join us all for a festive feast on Tuesday 9th November.

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  1. Ordered the special mince pies a few months ago , and cant wait for them to arrive.
    I had some last year and they went like hot cakes. the best mince pies I have ever eaten.
    As you can see I work for a Company and the guys all love them.

  2. Just ordered the Hotel Chocolat “Today’s special value” and can’t wait to share them with family & friends. I bought this last year and everyone said they were delicious so I had to purchase agin this year. Perhaps this will be an annual event!

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