Say goodbye to summer

I predicted (prayed for) a bit of sunshine again, before we had to kiss goodbye to the summer and my prayers were answered! It was sooo nice to see the mercury head past 25 degrees recently and I made the most of it with some nice dog walks, fruit picking in the evening sunshine and swimming in the lake near Oxford (which is my real passion when it comes to keeping fit). The picture here was taken at 6.15 am, just before a 5km swim and (apart from some cramp) it was the best! Unfortunately, we have to pack up the ol’ pop up swimming pool and try and store it away for the winter so it can come out and ruin my grass again next year (you can tell I’m not yet 100% behind the idea). Thing is, it takes quite a while to drain 55 tonnes of water, without creating a garden tsunami. Slowly, slowly…

Things never slow down at the Q! We have some amazing beauty offers on the web with the Gift of Beauty day scheduled for 20th September. Get in quick to ensure you don’t miss out! We still have lots of Sleeptember ideas to ensure a great night’s sleep and, as always, lots of other things to cheer you up as we get properly into autumn.

I have been shopping for electronics and recently bought the Nextbase Dash Cam, as I take delivery of an electric car in the next few weeks. I’ll tell you all about that as soon as it arrives, as I have a whole load of new technology to get my head around and I have a degree of “range anxiety”, in that I don’t want to get a flat battery on the motorway!

Kids are back at school and all the sniffles have started, so I think the next few weeks will be challenging, which is why I have been keeping my immune system in tip-top condition with the help of Dr Max’s Prime Fifty range. Always worth a look as prevention is better than cure in my view.

I hope all is good with you and yours and see you at the Q soon.

Simon x


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