Shootin’ and shinin’

As old Mr McWhiston from the hardware shop in Maybole, Ayrshire used to say, It was shootin’ and shinin’ – he was referring, of course, to the weather (and he would have been very accurate lately), but in a broader sense of the saying it reflects the ups and downs of life at the moment.

The news is still, I’m afraid, full of sad stories of Covid and problems associated with it from all over the world, and yet with the weather being sometimes so very nice and warm and so much peace where we live, it seems as though sometimes things couldn’t be better.

Great news to see after four long months, Miceal is back at work! We have all missed his cheeky chappy persona and his dapper sense of style and although we have spoken to each other a few times on the phone it’s great to have him back in the building in person.

However, on the other side of that coin it was very sad to see that Claire has decided to leave after dazzling us with her beauty and positivity for the last 22 years. As a one of my regular Morning Show co-hosts we have worked together many times and many mornings have shared stories about how much ‘fun’ it can be being a parent! She will be very sadly missed but I will keep in touch with her to hear all the news from her as she embarks upon this new chapter in her life.

It’s been a real old rollercoaster when it comes to what’s been happening with QVC shows. I’ve had great fun over the past few weekends working with Michael Perry, Mark Lane and the rest of the Gardening team hearing about, and unsurprisingly buying quite a lot of, plants. My herbaceous border that I dug up and replanted seems to be doing well and the plants that I have bought from QVC seem to be settling in well.

We’ve had sale days, fashion days, special tech days and just about everything in between. But then of course you’d expect that from QVC and yet even though I work there I’m still sometimes a little surprised that the huge variety of wonderful things we have the opportunity to talk about.

If you run out of sun tan lotion during the recent sunny spell then don’t worry I’ll be clever be with us for a big offer in the near future, we have some great cleaning tools from our DIY department coming up and of course all the usual mix of fragrance, fashion, beauty and so much more.

With many hot nights still on the horizon, you should keep your eye open for a great offer we have for the Meaco fan. I have been very impressed with the Meaco fans as they are quiet, efficient a, pretty stylish to look at, very keel made and most especially, very keenly priced.

There will be lots of offers like that over the summer so join us regularly online or on the box.

Simon x


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  1. Love the photos of the garden. A great selection of plants. Your grass is also looking good. I have just treated myself to the holly hanging chair can´t wait till it arrives.

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