Springing into spring

With the arrival of April and the lovely bright sunshine it has brought I have got a spring in my step again! It’s a bit of a combination of things but I’m so glad it’s here again.

I always get a little tingle of excitement when the tulips and daffs are up again, and I’ve got some new ones that I planted in November that are looking rather lovely. Combine this with some nice gardening shows with Mark Lane and everything looks rosier!

We’ve got some great bulbs for your garden on the website even if you can’t catch one of the gardening shows, which you can find here. It’s always good to see new plants and new tools for the garden and I do like the look of the Kensington Solar Lamp that Gill Gauntlett has been telling us about. It’s the gardening pick of the month and it’s amazing how the rest of this month is going to fly by so don’t miss out.

The other thing that has really invigorated me is starting open water swimming again. The pandemic has caused everything to shut down but finally the water is available to me again and even though the temperature of the water is about 10C the sun makes is so nice to swim in.

I have been swimming in Bicester in a manmade ‘lake’ and as I have been the only one there, I have plenty of time to get used to it again. I swam on the way home from work the other day and clocked up a nice 1.6km before my toes were a bit chilly. I can’t wait for the cafe to open too!

With being outside again in the sun (cutting the grass and hedges etc.) I have once again reminded myself to start focusing on sun protection. Abi Cleeve has a great beauty pick of the month with her anti-pigmentation sun protection from Ultrasun.

I thought the protection of SPF 50+ would make this too much for me and my skin but I was wrong. It goes on so easily and I still get a bit of a tan, but what I am most interested in is the anti-pigmentation. This is something I have noticed I am getting especially around the sunglasses area and I didn’t think there was anything you could do about it. I should have listened more carefully to Abi earlier because you can and it’s easy.

We have a super-duper size that is three times the normal one but it’s only available until the end of the month at this great price.

Lots to look forward to and even more to come…

Simon x


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