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The past few months certainly have been a rollercoaster! First off we were all worried that we were going to run out of food and then when it became clear that perhaps the supplies weren’t going to run out, it was just about how to make sufficient variety so that we didn’t get bored with the food that we were now cooking. It may not surprise you to learn that I am extremely fond of my food and love all manner of different cuisine! I think many of QVC’s customers are in the same boat as myself and our food shows have been very popular for the past few months.

We have a special offer available on food for the whole of May – three Easy Payments available on selected food and drink for the whole month… yay! Just use the code FOOD3Z as you check out.

One of my favourite shows at QVC is of course The Real Pies shows with Brett Hornby. We talk about pies, sausage rolls, pasties, crumble pies, and so much more, and I know Brett and his very dedicated team are working all the hours God sends in order to fulfil the orders for QVC customers. When you’re a little bored with cooking or a little bit devoid of any inspiration as to what to cook, opening the freezer to find a peppered steak pie or a traditional pasty (both award-winners by the way) is heaven-sent.

However, I have been inspired to try out few new recipes of my own – this one being breakfast pie (sausages, bacon, eggs, cherry tomatoes and baked beans in a pie), what’s not to love!

Rummaging through the freezer, has produced a number of pleasant surprises. I found some of Lance Forman’s fabulous smoked salmon (which I ordered for Christmas), and I forgot it was two packs and we had only used one pack. This was a welcome change to the cheese and ham on top of my bagel for lunch.

At home I’ve been cooking a lot with my Le Creuset pans, as Ali taught me when we have met many times in the studio, and I have been following Gail Samway’s advice to cook on top of the hob and finish things off in the oven. The results have been wonderful and I must say I was very pleased with my daughter made the comment that we were “eating like kings” despite the lockdown. That makes me a very happy cook!

Although I am more of a lover of savoury foods, I must say QVC have a wonderful array of special treats. The chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is a great place to start and we have some wonderful cakes including those beautiful brownies from Kate’s fabulous Gower Cottage kitchen. With the shortage of flour preventing me from baking (I would have, honestly!) The Original Cake Company comes to the rescue with a wonderful selection of freshly-baked goodies.

I have slightly missed the canteen at work being open, as I used to love getting a few poached eggs and a slice or two of bacon with an avocado from home to make the best decadent brekkie. However, with the canteen being shut I’m having good old porridge every day, and with a smoothie I reckon that’s pretty healthy.

I know times are hard for many out there, and we at the Q are doing what we know best to try and help. We’re bringing you lots of things that you want and need and now with FOOD3Z, we’re making it even easier to buy.

Stay safe!

Simon x


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