There’s been a lot going on

Wow it’s been a busy ol’ time! All manner of things seem to be happening all at once.

I’ve tried to make sure I don’t leave thinking about Christmas presents until the last moment, and luckily I’ve been recording some Black Friday deals and special offers at work so have had a bit of an ‘insider trading’ chance to see things before buying. So ticking a few pressies off the list.

The house got a real boost when I put up the Simple Human mirror. They do the best range of very high quality magnification mirrors with a lovely pure clear light built in.

I opted for the wall-mounted mains powered one (although we do have table-mounted and rechargeable options too). It was a breeze to fit and really changed the look of the bathroom, as well as how well we can see what we are doing.

Fitting it only took a couple of screws and wall plugs, they provide those, and it’s really strong and stable. The 5x magnification is very different from other magnified mirrors as it’s so beautifully clear and the light is amazing. It automatically comes on when you approach it and goes off a few minutes after you walk away. It also comes on gently and builds to its full power quickly but slow enough that you don’t get dazzled. I love it!

I didn’t need any filler when I put up the Simple Human mirror, but I did do a bit of ‘filling repair’ when the dog decided to eat the wall! Yes, he ate the wall… properly! They have never done anything like that before but we were out for a few hours and came back to find Fido had been chowing down on the plaster.

We think he may have had something stuck in his throat and as his water bowl wasn’t helping he must have thought something solid would do the trick (quite clever really). He’s fine now and didn’t keep the plasterwork down for long so after a bit of filling the wall’s back to normal (just got to sort out the skirting boards).

There are loads of Black Friday offers on the web and they’ll be disappearing quickly! So have a look.

One of my favourites are the Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Comfortable Headphones. I tried them on while talking to James Murden and they are amazing. Thinking about them for myself! There’s a Radley bag that lots of people have been talking about and I think many read about it in the papers. It’s on our website now but for how much longer I couldn’t say.

I’ve also been try on some new clothes with a new look for work. I got some great advice from Stine, our lovely style guru, and quite like the change. What do you think? Too ‘Peaky Blinders’?

The number of shopping days before Christmas seems ridiculously small so I have been getting quite a few things sorted. Can’t tell you here as they are presents, but I hope they go down well. I am keen to see what the Kelly Hoppen 7 Piece Reversible Jacquard Bedding Collection looks like as we have new curtains in the bedroom and a kelly grey would work well (that’s Monday 30th Nov next week).

Also, there’s a Ring security system which sound great as it a massive kit but once again I’ll have to wait like you to find out more (that’s next Saturday 5th Dec). I must order another set of Giftmate so that the wrapping is made easy.

Simon x

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  1. Love the new look, very dapper, very country gentleman. Could it be Miceal’s influence rubbing off on you? Keep it up you look great

  2. Hi Simon, That’s one good look !!! but you would look good in anything.Your such a lovely Presenter,Also always ask the right questions to the guest for the viewer even though you know.
    Thanks for that it really helps us decide.Take Care and Stay Safe.

  3. I had a Lab cross dog she pulled the wall paper off the wall made a big hole in the base of the bed and made a hole in a chair she was terrible every time we left her in the house by herself she grew ot of it then

  4. Looking very dapper Simon!!!! Very smart!!!! … Our golden retrievers ate our wall to, exactly the same place as yours did….. Keep well Simon…. Oh love your little facts on the morning show👍👍👍.. x

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