There’s lots in store!

QVC has been awash with so many great offers a the moment it’s been a bit of a blur. I have had my eyes open for some Le Creuset pans and we have a great offer, but only for a limited time, of two frying pans.

I was with Ali Haigh the other day and even though I didn’t do any of the cooking and was just watching her in action, you could tell that these pans are absolutely perfect. They are a Big Deal and I am sorely tempted to tap the app and get mine ordered before they all disappear!

Another offer that goes live at the weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to try the Luxform Dickens 70 Lumen Solar Lamp Post with a planter base. I have to say we were all very impressed at Biagi towers. My daughter assembled it in five minutes flat and then planted it up with some begonias we had left over.

After one days charging it lit up beautifully as soon as the sun set. It has two strengths of light so you can have a more subtle look or a brighter glow and either works well. Of course it’s fully weather proof and as it’s from Luxform the quality is really good. The aluminium pole comes in four sections and slots in to a base unit which screws firmly to the planter. I put in a few stones at the bottom before planting to help with drainage but also to keep it firmly weighed down in case the compost dries out.

I think it is really lovely and will last for years so I’ll be looking forward to gazing out my patio doors of an evening and imaging the alarm going of for my 5am Morning Show start! By the way, have you seen the new look Morning Show with fancy graphics… it’s all rather swish and heartening to see we still have a talented team keeping the show fresh and exciting.

I have been fresh and excited by my attempts to keep swimming outdoors! As you may know the lockdown has hit the pools and most of the outdoor swimming venues but with the aid of a bit of ingenious thinking (even though I say it myself) I have worked out a way of swimming on the spot! The pop-up pool that we got for us to enjoy the hot weather has been converted into an infinity pool by tying a bit of bungee cord around my waist and the other end to the trampoline pole. As long as I don’t swim to hard (or give up too easily) it works brilliantly.

Ah well, lots in store at the Q so keep watching and I’ll be off for a few ‘lengths’ of the pool.

Toodle pip!

Simon x

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  1. Hi Simon great blog as per usual. I meant to leave a comment on your last blog but time ran away from me,even with less to do! I wanted to sympathise with your son,hope things improve for him soon. You are very ingenious with your swimming,well done. I have Luxform lights in my garden from last year they are very good ,look lovely and work well. I enjoy the podcasts on Qvc, I think it’s about time you and the other male presenters spoke to Will. It would be great to hear from you and them, I am sure you all have some good stories to tell! Take care best wishes Debbie X

  2. Hi Simon. What a brilliant idea you had that has enabled you to carry on swimming.
    Anything that we can do for ourselves to keep us mentally and physically well is a bonus in these difficult times.

    Kind regards
    Annie x

  3. Hello Simon we purchased the luxform dickens 70l lampost planter last year we purchased 2 we had an accident and got smashed we can’t wait for them to come back in stock so we can replace it would you know when they are due back thanks

    1. Hi I bought 2 Luxform dickens 70 lumen solar lamp posts with planter base last year within weeks where the first screw joint is on the pole, snapped off, my husband stuck it back together & today out of the blue I was standing near the other one & i saw it brake & snapped in the same place as well as the lamp breaking away from the pole so broken in two different places I think the glass lamps are too heavy for the plastic poles.I’m a little annoyed as they weren’t cheap a & now not worth fixing as will properly snap off again

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