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I know I sound like I’m one of the proclaimers, but I really feel that we’ve turned a corner! The clocks have changed, the days are longer, the garden is greening and I can really taste a bit of real Spring in the air.

Things are busy at the Q too with all sorts coming up; we have a great Today’s Special Value offer from Cubii. It’s the latest one and it’s 30% lighter than before , but still solid and well made and I’m sure will be loved. For those who aren’t familiar with Cubii they have won many design awards and much praise from customers and industry alike.

Cubii is the compact and portable seated elliptical that gives you the freedom to keep active wherever you sit. Whether you’re on the sofa with a good book, watching your favourite show, or working at your desk at home or in the office, it’s the perfect workout to add a little extra movement to your day without changing your routine. With Cubii, you’ll get fit while you sit!

  • A way to wellness: Makes fitness and overall wellness easy and approachable for all ages, fitness levels and lifestyles, so you feel happier, healthier, and more balanced.
  • Work out at work: Whether you’re at the office or at home, Cubii’s the perfect way to add a little movement to your day and burn a few extra calories while you work. It’s even proven to increase energy expenditure 5x more than a standing desk.
  • Health at home: Add more strides to your day, get your heart-pumping to boost your endurance and heart health, and even burn extra calories, all while you sit.
  • Fits easily into your life: Sleek, compact design fits easily into any space. If using under a desk, we recommend a gap of at least 6cm between the underside of your desk and your knees. Ideally, we would also recommend a distance of 58 cm between the underside of your desk and the floor.
  • 8 levels of resistance: Perfect for every fitness level, even if you’re just starting out. Start at level 1 and increase as you progress.
  • Total lower-body results: Tone, strengthen and define your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and even your core!

We’ll be taking it easy and getting our steps in on Wednesday the 13th April if you fancy join us to find out more about it.

We’ve also got a great deal from 8Greens. I got to chat to founder Dawn Russell, who explained what they are so good at and what goes into them. I must admit, I did already know about them as I am one of their fans and take them regularly to keep up my ‘green intake’ in a natural and non additive way. They are on offer with a £20 saving but only for a week or so, so be quick!

I also noticed we have Du Jour back with us again. It’s a lovely fashion brand who use recycled fabrics in the production of the range.  I used to think that was a bit weird but I bout a sweater recently (from another brand) and it was 90% recycled poly and cotton and I have to say it’s great and I have had a lot of compliments on it.  I do think we should recycle where we can and we never think twice about it with regard to milk bottles or cardboard, so why not clothes?

There’s always loads going on at the Q but if you want to find out what the best deals of the week are you can either head to the website or the app or indeed join us for the Morning Show every Monday morning because from now on we will have previews of all the big deals for the week , all in the one show!  Now that’s what I call a destination show!

See you all there.

Simon x


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