What a lot of hot air

I know that’s what some people say comes out of the presenters mouths at QVC but it’s actually very good news, as it means Dyson have two very special offers in the run-up to Christmas where hot (and sometimes cold) air is the main feature!

On Saturday 14th November we have a very gorgeous, glamorous, and sophisticated supersonic hairdryer! Although I don’t use a hairdryer my wife, daughter (and son!) tell me that this hairdryer is an absolute game changer. My wife used to have her hair straightened with some special treatment since using the Dyson hairdryer, this has not been necessary as the hairdryer itself helps to keep her hair looking straight, glossy, and beautifully shiny.

We have a very special offer not just because of a much lower price than normal or the six easy payments but it comes in the very special colour of Christmas red with a matching red case. Any men out there who desperately struggling to think what they can get their wife for Christmas…… this is a Shangri La moment!!

On Tuesday 19th November we have a less glamorous but more utilitarian offer from Dyson; the Am09 hot and cool fan. Now it might not be your first choice for an individual Christmas present but it’s a real gift for the household or the family.

We use them in the studio, despite the multi-million pound air conditioning system, as they are the only thing that can quietly keep us comfortable (either warm or cool). Yes, they are useful, but I think they are rather beautiful too and if you would like something in your house that works but also looks good, you should join us on that Tuesday at the Q to find out all the details.

I have recently been lent a Garmin sat nav that will be a Today’s Special Value in a few weeks and my son, who is learning to drive, and I are road testing it so a report on that will be due in the near future.

Simon x


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