Where did summer go?

When will it stop raining? We had such a lovely spell of warm weather that we got used to, and then suddenly it was all snatched away from us and we descended into a dark, cold June. The garden was flattened, the peonies and alstroemeria were decimated and the pool we lovingly filled hasn’t been used.

I was swimming in the river in just my bathing trunks at the beginning of the month, and by the end of the month I had to don my neoprene suit to ensure I could stay in for more than 15 minutes and not come out a shivering wreck. Ah well, that’s the English summer for ya!

Of course, we have lots to look forward to at the Q. I’ve learned the benefits of planning ahead in the garden and so the Spring Flowering Bulb Collection from Thompson and Morgan caught my eye. It comprises 160 bulbs at an amazing price and although you won’t be receiving them until the autumn, it’s a good idea to get your name on the VIP list for this really nice collection with varieties including Anemone Blanda, Crocus Botanical and Narcissus Tete a Tete. Turn your outdoor space into a beautiful spring garden with this extensive collection.

I’ve got a couple of the mini bedside lights from Auraglow that also acted as wireless phone chargers and I must admit, I have been very impressed with them. Plus we have a grown-up version of them on offer for the whole month in July and as you get a pair, they work out to be very good value. Auraglow are a family business and really know a thing or two about design and combining great functionality. I have a feeling these will be very popular (the product number is 717514).

I’ll be in and out through July but have a few days on the Norfolk coast planned… so fingers crossed the good weather has been waiting for me!

Simon x


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