Winter in bloom

As we rush at full speed towards the big Yo Ho Ho, I am beginning to think about what I can get as presents for some of the trickier recipients. Neighbours, helpers and family in law etc. QVC of course has lots in store and there are a couple of things that I have my eye on.

I was only about to check the schedule (insider trading I know) to find out when the Peony team would have their Christmas offer as a Today’s Special Value, when wouldn’t you know it but I bumped into the lovely Julie Bates and her husband in the corridor outside our dressing rooms.

Naturally I quizzed her and found that there is a lovely offer heading to your screens on Tuesday 12th Nov, and the great thing is that there are loads of choices so I’m sure there will be something to suit everyone.

Each set will be named by colour and contains a lovely concave glass vase with beautiful mix of stems and one main choice of flower:

  • Red contains: Lily, Sparkle Fern, Berry Skimmia, Eucalyptus and Fern, all in a green gift bag
  • Pink contains: Rose, Sparkle Fern, Berry Skimmia, Lambs Leaf, all in a champagne gift bag
  • White contains: Peony Spray, Berry Skimmia, Berry, Sparkle Fern, all in a silver gift bag
  • Purple contains: Chrysanthemum, Rose, Sparkle Fern, Berry Skimmia, all in a burgundy gift bag
  • Blue contains: Hydrangea, Sparkle Fern, Berry Skimmia, Rosemary, Berry, all in an ice White gift bag

Each option comes with a little scent stick that you can use to fragrance the bouquet and, as I have come to expect from Julie, has been beautifully done and gives the arrangement a light, delicate and realistic fragrance of a fresh flowers.

Many of Julie’s wonderful Peony creations come with her incredible ‘still water resin’, but she has left this arrangement loose and I think that’s a great idea. It allows you to arrange it your way and to introduce some other fresh flowers or sprigs from your garden, which makes it more versatile and usable all year round.

I got my hands on one of the purple ones and it’s rather lovely – but Julie sent me some pictures of the other in her home and they look great! I can’t wait to see them at the Q on Tuesday.

A lot of people have been commenting on my nice sweatshirt from Joules, I can thoroughly recommend it!

Moving away from home decor and fashion, Kenny Pearce showed me the Meaco dehumidifier the other day. If your home suffers a bit from dampness (steamed up windows every morning or worse still, black spots on the walls in the corners of some rooms), then this is a great idea. It’s the quietest one I have ever, hardly, heard!

They really are remarkable in how much moisture they suck up and if you, like us, put clothes and towels on the radiator to dry you should try one of these. I was told by a specialist that a very low power heater and a dehumidifier in a small room makes the most energy efficient drying room, which will dry clothes quicker than a tumble drier! There is no delivery charge and with a 30 day money back guarantee with free returns if you are not happy, you have nothing to lose…. literally (except the moisture of course).

There’s also loads more in store!

Simon x


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  1. Hi Simon
    The Peony looks lovely.
    It was lovely to catch a glimpse of you last Sunday at ‘Jack’s’ concert. I was too shy to come and say hello to you, I was wearing a Rino & Pelle jacket & some diamonique showing my QVC dedication! I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as me, I thought Jack was fantastic!

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