A new chapter in Hastings

Hi there, how are you?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last update, the biggest change was moving house! We’ve gone from the hills to the coast and have set up home in Hastings, East Sussex.

As I type this, we’ve only been in our house for three days, so you can imagine the state of the place, but we feel settled and it’s brilliant exploring a new area.

I’m slowly getting used to the seagulls, they seem to be the size of small dogs, but I’m sure we’ll get on. Talking of dogs, Archie is very excited, he loves the beach, I mean REALLY loves it! We’ve also met lots of people already, it’s a very friendly place, so I can’t wait to see more of the area.

I wanted to let you know about a couple of special offers coming to QVC very soon.

On Sunday 5th June, the team at Australian Bodycare will be bringing a supersize summer skin collection. You’ll receive two and a half litres of their bestselling Skin Wash, in a choice of Eucalyptus, Lavender or Original.

I’ve used this product for years, it’s great for the face and body. I particularly love it for the summer, it’s so refreshing and ideal for removing SPF, leaving your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed.

Then on Sunday 12th June, our Best Find of the Day will be the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker.

Now, this is a very clever piece of kit to have in the kitchen. You can cook a steak to perfection, whip up a whole meal in less than 30 minutes, even bake a perfectly moist, fluffy cake! If you’re short on time and space, you will particularly love this, it’s your helping hand in the home.

Catch the LIVE shows on QVC to see the Ninja Multi Cooker in action and to get an idea of just how many things you can create using this one machine!

I hope you have a fabulous week ahead, keep in touch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, simply search @WillGowing.

See you soon, Will x

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  1. Bet you miss Malvern! I prefer countryside to the coast but to each his own. Hope you soon get the house ship shape

  2. Congratulations on the house move, Will! I love Hastings – it’s only just over an hour from us in South East London. The fisherman’s quarter and the old town are lovely places to wander, and Maggie’s is definitely the best fish and chips ever. Enjoy your new home. xxx

  3. Congratulations on the house move! I love Hastings – it’s only just over an hour from us. The fisherman’s quarter and old town are lovely places for a wander, and Maggie’s is definitely the best fish and chips ever! Enjoy your new home. x

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