Hiking in the Hills and a Korres Giveaway!

Hi everyone, how have you been?

Archie and I got up very early the other morning to make the most of the cooler temperature and hiked up to the Worcestershire Beacon, it’s the highest point of the Malvern Hills where we live. Here’s a little video of us on North Hill, about halfway through our hike…

We made sure we packed plenty of water and treats, it was a fun morning and the upside was that Archie slept for hours afterwards, so I could get plenty of work done ha ha! How have your pets been during the warmer weather lately?

I’ve been recording a lot of podcasts recently, it’s my 40th birthday on the 5th August and I’ll be taking some time off, so I needed to get ahead by a few episodes.

This week I’m chatting to MasterChef champion, Thomas Frake, you can listen to his episode here.

There are now nearly 100 episodes to browse through on our podcast page, lots of very familiar voices and stories to enjoy.

In the picture above, you can also see my trusty Dyson Pure Cool Me Purifier Fan, this has been my best friend during the hot weather. I completely appreciate that it’s a considered purchase, but the cooler purified air is so lovely, particularly great if you suffer with pollen in the atmosphere during the summer.

Still to come… a giveaway from Korres and a new Beauty Pick of the Month…

If you haven’t seen already, the Dyson Supersonic is now available with the NEW Flyaway Attachment and Wide Tooth Comb. The Flyaway Attachment has been inspired by professional stylists, it utilises the Coanda effect to help hide flyaways for a smooth finish. You can order with a 60 day money-back-guarantee, zero P&P and three interest-free monthly payments here.

On Sunday 8th August, the skincare experts at Korres will be bringing a Today’s Special Value to QVC, the product number will be 245096.

As a special treat, you could WIN this three-piece Hydrate, Plump and Replenish Body Care Collection. It comes in a choice of fragrances including Bergamot Pear, Cashmere Rose, Lilac Hyacinth and Mediterranean Vanilla Blossom. Here’s brand ambassador, Liz Folce, with more information on this special offer…

GIVEAWAY… For your chance to WIN a Today’s Special Value collection from Korres, all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this blog, you can simply say “hello” if you want to.

Competition closes at 1pm on Thursday 5th August 2021. One winner will be selected at random and announced in this blog on Friday 6th August 2021. The collection is worth £62.50 if you bought each item individually from QVC, but our Today’s Special Value price will be less than this, so tune-in on the day for the grand reveal. Terms and conditions can be found here.

If you’re on social media, you can discover more about the Korres brand by following Liz Folce on Instagram and Facebook.

Talking of Korres, the team are also bringing us our Beauty Pick of the Month for August. It’s the Pure Greek Olive Volume Replenishing + Deep Wrinkle Concentrate – a line-correcting booster serum that helps skin look firmer, smoother & more radiant. The product number is 244847, available from the 1st of the month, look out for presentations LIVE on QVC TV throughout August.

Good luck to everyone entering this special giveaway, I’ll see you very soon!

Take care, Will x

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      1. Hi Will
        Archie is lovely, bet he keeps you busy, I too am an animal lover, have 2 gorgeous German Shepherd’s they are sisters and were 7 years old on Monday, so we got them treats and footballs for their birthday ( they do love a present) they are gorgeous and keep us busy, but in a lovely way.
        Also would love a chance to win the Korres prize as like my dogs I do also like a present myself.

      1. Hi Will
        Archie is lovely, I too love my dogs, they mean the world to me, they love a cup of tea and their favourite biscuits are custard creams.
        Would love to be in with a chance of winning the korres goodies, as have not won a competition in ages and would be so special.

    1. Hi,I have been watching this range since it
      Has been aired and have dithered about buying it as I use a lot of your other brands but I think with this TSV coming up I,ll give it a go.xx

    2. Lovely to see Archie’s outings. I bought my husband the Korres Xmas TSV as he visits Crete every year to see old friends. They make their own olive oil and it’s fab so he was really pleased that he received the shower and body cream sets containing olive oil. He’d love some more! X

    3. Hi Will
      Am totally obsessed with Korres, absolutely love their shower gels and the body creams are too die for, so soft, silky and sink into the skin easily with no residue. My favourite is the golden apple scent, just so soft and summery. Love it!
      Love reading your blog and the Malvern hills look beautiful and very peaceful. Enjoy your summer!

    4. Hi Will love your little dog my dog died last October aged 14 and half from old age miss him so much. I love Korres so would love to win this but I am a Australian body care user daily also.
      Keep on walking.

    5. Hi Will, sending 40th Birthday Wishes for tomorrow. I hope that you have a great day. Lots of love to Archie xxxx

    6. Love kORRES The face and body scrub, amazing the smell is Devine and really makes your face glow, would love to try more in her range.

    7. Love your blogs. Archie is living the dream ! He’s so cute. I’m wanting a dog one day. Your posts make me want one more. Love Archie ❤

    8. Great prize. Count me in please. Oh and happy 40th for tomorrow. I hit 40 last year – not too bad really!

    9. I have had KORRES before but quite a while ago with 1 litre shower gel and several small fragrances creams. Love love love , would be amazing to win x

    10. Hi Will, Have a great break and enjoy you big 40 .would love to try Korres especially in a giveaway.yours Christina Walker .🎂🎁🥂🎉🥳for tomorrow.

    11. Hi Will, Very happy 40th birthday for tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely day. 🎂🎁🎉
      Great prize, would love to win. xx💕

    12. Happy birthday Will. Please include me on the Korres competition I’m a huge fan and would love love love to try the new launch / product 🤞🏻🥰💖🎂🎉🥂🙏🏻

    13. Fabulous prize X love to #WIN #WILLQVC X Many Happy returns of the day on your 40th Birthday Will Xx

  1. I have loved and trusted Korres since I suffered with a skin problem in Greece quite a few years ago now. The Pharmacist I soiught help from was so proud of Korres. He told me their history. The creams he suggested worked well and as a result I have used Korres since with confidence.

  2. Hi Will, enjoyed reading your recent blog with you and your lovely 4 legged friend . I look forward to the Korres TSv as it is fast becoming one of my fave brands , absolutely adore the facial oil it smells divine! Xx

  3. Hello 👋 Will& Archie🐶
    Do follow you on insta
    Would love to win this Korres Tsv especially as like you my Birthday is in August on the 16th in fact a fellow Leo ♌️
    Hope you have a fab breakaway
    Pearl Xx

  4. Hello Will

    Big congratulations on your forthcoming 40th enjoy yourself.

    Discovered Korres a few years ago whilst on holiday in beautiful Santorini.

    My favourite fragrance is Santorini Vine.

    I would love to win some beautiful Korres products.

  5. I love korres. I am new to it but got the 4 body washes. Have a fabulous 40th birthday. The walk looked lovely. Love to Archie. Elaine x

  6. Have a happy 40th birthday 🎂 Enjoy every moment ! I would love to try the Korres Range, have never tried any of the products .

  7. Have a fabulous birthday. Hope you are doing something amazing. And live to wee Archie. Love elaine x

  8. On holiday in Crete in around 2003 I wandered into a shop in the north of the island to find it filled with products made from olive oil. I believe it was the start of this brand. The gentleman in charge told me it was a family firm and was clearly excited about an American tourist who had sent a large order from America. Needless to say I bought some items and was delighted to see QVC is now able to supply this delicious brand.

  9. Hi Will, love that you are now doing blogs here. I am not on social media anywhere and love that I can catch up here. Take care

    1. Hi will hope you are well my daughter lives near you and sees you walk past the house when going on the hills her husband is an artist so he paints the hills and walks a lot also your blog about the hills was good take care Diane 😊😊

  10. Hi Will Congratulations on your 40th Birthday! Hope you have a great day. Best Wishes Alison xxx

  11. Hi Will. You were born the day my husband and I got married! 🥂
    Happy Birthday when it comes 🥳🎂🥳

  12. Hi, I’d love to try Korres but haven’t plucked up the courage to try it yet. Think I’d go for the Rose collection. Maybe have to think about it, the Bergamot & Pear sounds interesting too

  13. Hi Will
    What a cute little video of Archie – he looks like he is having such a lovely time 🙂 The Malvern Hills sound like a great place to live near and the scenery looks stunning.
    I hope that you have a fabulous birthday and that you enjoy your time off.
    Take care
    Jules x

  14. Hi Will, I’ve only just discovered Korres and would love to try the new tsv in the giveaway 😃

  15. Hello QVC,

    I love how Korres products feel on the skin with huge results that can be seen instantly!

  16. I really enjoy you on QVC. Not are you a seasoned presenter but you have an amazing sense of humour. Always interesting and never dull. Its a pleasure to switch the TV on and enjoy your natural flair and poise.

  17. Love Korres, I can honestly say that there isn’t a single product I haven’t loved and I’ve bought tons! I’ve just started using a new body butter spray and it’s been amazing on my dry and itchy ‘fake tan’ skin. Love the olive oil as well, just started my second bottle of that too ❤️

  18. Hi Will, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Hope you enjoy your time off and have a happy birthday. Take care xx

  19. I love,love,love Korres products they are the best and very good value.They leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

  20. Hi Will
    Lovely to see you and Archie. Love being out first thing it feels like you have the place to yourself.
    Got the last TSV from Korres and am impressed, especially with their body lotions. Enjoy your 40th.

  21. Hello Will and fur baby loving the hiking updates and adventures you are going on 👍🏻 Count me in on Korres giveaway opportunity as I these products are saving my hair and skin and hormonal changes has made me have hair loss and dry skin this is a gift from the beauty angels 😇😍

  22. Would love to win this lovely set, having completed chemo and surgery .. my skin is dry and crying out for for some goodness, if i dont win, i will certainly buy this wonderful set .. ❤

  23. Hi Will,
    Love watching you on QVC you are so entertaining and informative. Love Korres would love thus set.

  24. Hello Will – Fab competition, like the sound of the Korres serum oil, would be great to try it and rest of range. Best of luck to me and everyone else. Thank You.

  25. Hi Will & Archie 🐾🐶

    Love your posts & competitions, wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday in advance 🎉🎂 Enjoy some very well deserved time off & relaxation 🙏 Xx

  26. Oh my lordy l adore Korres products. Just treated myself to the Greek Goddess rose gold illuminating body perfecter. It’s working wonders on my thread and varicose veins. Good luck everyone 😉

  27. Hiya, hope you are well.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. I haven’t tried Korres products before.

    Laura 🥰

  28. Hi! Love the blog, Will, and hope you have the happiest of Happy Birthdays on the 5th!🥳🎂🍾🥂🎉. Love Korres – my friend gives me their products for birthdays and Christmas, which is great! Love all of the scents and would be delighted if I was chosen to win this prize. My skin would definitely be the winner! Enjoy your birthday! xx

  29. I have really been getting into Korres products lately, they are fab quality and gorgeous fragrances.


  31. Thanks for heads up Will – totally love Korres, it really works & great value. Hope we get a bumper Xmas TSV 😜❤️

  32. I love the Korres products my mum recently bought me the honeysuckle shower gel and the coconut guava body firming serum spray x

  33. Just found Korres and found that it really works. Love all the products. My skin has never been better.

  34. Can’t thank you enough for introducing Korres into my life.. love love love everything about this brand❣️❣️❣️

  35. Wow! A great prize, thank you Will. Thank you for the heads up on the Beauty Pick of the Month. Have a Happy 40th Birthday on the 5th August 🎂🍾🥂🎁🎈💙

  36. Hi Will
    Loving your blog (and Archie 🥰).
    Would love to win the Korres giveaway as I adore all things Korres

  37. This would be a fantastic treat for me, I am taking early retirement next week for working for the same company for almost 31yrs.🤞🤞.

  38. When my daughter was about 5 (now 26) she was up The Malvern Jill’s with her dad. He said if you look over there you will see Wales she replied “and maybe dolphins too” I still laugh 😅

  39. So love Korres products. Forget about what they can do for your skin, fantastic, i could just sniff them all day, aroma heaven !!

  40. Love your podcast’s, how you make it so easy for everyone you speak to tell us things about themselves and thier lives. Hope you enjoy your birthday on the 5th of next month and you break, it’s nice seeing you present shows on QVC, but I do miss your Style Your Wardrobe with Katy P.

  41. Hi Will, entering your competition whilst laying on the beach in a very hot & sunny Greece, making the most of it, last day tomorrow! Thanks for the very lovely giveaway, a body care collection sounds just perfect for when I get home, take care, G 🇬🇷😎🌊🏝x

  42. Hope you have a lovely birthday.
    The collection looks gorgeous, the trouble is all the fragrances sound so lovely I don’t know which I would choose.

  43. Hi Will nice to see you let loose on your own. You sound very calming like my fav Craig Rowe. Hope I am luck enough to win eek 😊 x

  44. What a fabulous giveaway !
    If you can’t get to Greece on holiday this year bring Greece 🇬🇷 To you with Korres 🤞🍀🇬🇷

  45. Hi Will

    Love your blog! It is so good hearing about new things and offers at QVC. love reading all about Archie too and seeing his photos. Too cute!

    I hope you really enjoy your time off for your 40th, celebrate it in style! Xx

  46. I’ve also been getting up early to walk Fizz in the warm weather. She’s 8 months old and a working cocker spaniel. Completely mad but I love her loads!

  47. Hi Will.I envy you that beautiful view…Im in Brighton which has it’s own charm so very grateful for that.I just love Korres not only is it superb value but also it works! I would love to win this time and good luck to everyone else.

  48. You both look like you are really enjoying your walk – perhaps Archie a bit more than you. !!!

  49. Gorgeous pictures!!I love hiking and at the moment we are in Snowdonia, we came to climb the Mount Snowdon but the weather hasn’t been too good.
    Thank you for the giveaway x

  50. Another amazing Korres TSV , I have purchased the last 3 and I am converted. The products are fantastic quality and really do work.

  51. Korres has become a new favourite brand since I tried the last TSV! Such luxurious products for great prices!

  52. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful part of the country at your doorstep! Thanks to you (and Archie) for the beautiful photos. And also thanks for the Korres giveaway. I adore their beautiful fragrances. Take care.

  53. Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday Will. I love Korres products, particularly the body cream, and would love to win tge TSV x

  54. Happy birthday To you in advance, love korres, such a great brand has really made my skin much more softer and nourished

  55. Can you believe I typed my email wrong? Will start again…

    I absolutely love Korres, Lilac Hyacinth would be my choice to try.🤞🏼😂

  56. Hiya Will👋 Sending you birthday wishes got your forthcoming 40th birthday, hope you have a good one! 🎂🥂🎉xx

  57. Hi Will Recently discovered Korres with the serum butter spray and it’s wonderful, would love to try more.
    Ps have a great birthday

  58. I love qvc and the products. I have recently introduced some products to my friends and they are happy with the products. I love the korres products. I cant Wait for their TSV.

  59. Hello!! What a fantastic Korres collection – I’d love to win a set as I love Korres body products. Cashmere Rose would be my first choice but they all sound lovely. x

  60. Hello Will. Love reading your blog. Archie is adorable! Would love to win the Korea set. What I’ve tried so far from this range has been amazing!

  61. Thanks for the giveaway Will – the bergamot pear and mediterranean vanilla blossom both sound appealing to me.

  62. My first purchase of Korres was their last TSV and absolutely loved it. I’m looking forward to getting this new TSV, it’s my birthday on the 6th August and this is going to be a birthday present to myself.

  63. I love love love korres I have so much would love to try a new scent Mediterranean vanilla or bergamot pear sound devine 🍐good luck to me and everyone else x 🤞😍

  64. I’ve only tried 1 lKorres item I think it was a spray milk moisturiser in a tili box. It left my arms so soft and it was hard not to inhale the sweet scent all day long.

  65. I just like everything about olives, I eat them, I cook and bake with olive oil, I love olive oil soaps and beauty products, but how come I am married to a Yorkshireman? ……Looking for a Greek God…..

  66. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ korres have tried most of there fragrances but the 🍐 sounds the 💣 fingers crossed 🤞

  67. Would love this set – the only trouble I have is choosing between the beautiful options – vanilla blossom and the bergamot pear sound right up my street xx

  68. Hi Wil only recently started to use korres skin care, I cannot praise it enough, the way it makes your skin fell. Also I have s sensitive skin.

  69. I have never tried Korres because I have never heard of them until recently, whilst scrolling through QVC website. Read the good reviews and watched the videos so I am now interested. Looking forward to the TSV and the facial oi!/serum. Thanks to QVC for all your great offers.

  70. Never tried korres before but have watched a few presentations would love to give it a go. Have a great 40th birthday

  71. Hi Will, Only started using Korres products last year, absolutely love the range, great giveaway.

  72. Hi Will,
    Really looking forward to the Korres TSV and beauty pick of the month,
    thank you for your preview, it has given us something to look forward to.

  73. I don’t have a dog so your stories of Archie always make me smile. Would be delighted to try the Korres products.

  74. Hi Will

    Super excited for the Korres TSV, I absolutely adore the brand, the Vanilla and Bergamot Pear are going to be in my basket!

    Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  75. Yassas! missing my annual holiday to Greece so much! Thank you QVC for bringing Korres Greek treasures, now if you could just also bring over Freddo Cappuccinos and a Fix or two please!

  76. Korres is my new favourite Beauty Brand – please can we have the shampoo and more skincare products. I have a couple of different fragrances of the body wash in my bathroom, and one in the kitchen (which I use as a hand wash). I have even washed a couple of my Charlie Bears “Bear-house Bears” in Korres 🙂 It leaves their fur lovely and soft and the fragrance lasted for a week or so! I am using the Shower Oil/Serum at the moment – it is absolutely divine. I will definitely be buying the TSV?

  77. Hi Will. Korres is fabulous, the gardenia body wash and body cream is so fantastic I bought two sets. Really does firm those saggy bits! So great the brand us on the Q. Have a great 40th birthday! I hope the sun shines for you

  78. Hi. I remember meeting you at a previous Beauty Bash. Gosh they were fun. You were so friendly and gorgeous in person just as you are on TV. HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY

  79. Hi Will ~ upcoming 40th you say Wow all the qvc beauty products are keeping you looking super young & gorgeous 😘😘
    Great competition I love Korres so much so fingers crossed and looking forward to it also being POM

  80. Hi Will,
    I went to Malvern with my friend Ruth. We had a lovely day in this beautiful area of England. We walked a little way up a hill, but unfortunately I’ve no head for heights so had to turn back! We still saw some stunning views though ❤️

  81. Hi Will, Korres is beautiful and smells Devine. Beautiful views of the Malvern Hills. Archie is gorgeous.

  82. Hi Will. Archie was really hot on the trail of something strong at the top of the hill that day! Would love to win the Korres giveaway. This is one of my new favourite ranges on QVC.

  83. Hi Will

    Wishing you a very happy birthday on 5th August – I hope you have a fabulous day and a lovely break 🎂. I adore Korres and am delighted to be part of the draw.

  84. hi hope you have a lovely birthday
    love korres my new skincare and bodycare my skin has never been better
    would love to win

  85. Hi Qvc , Love the Korres oil, which my 15yr old daughter uses so i had to buy another one and also loved the donkey milk serum . Glad i have them Thank you xx

  86. Hi Will. Soo…..lovely to see you as a presenter now on QVC! You are 1 of my favourites. Well done on your walk with Archie. I love walking, it is an excellent form of exercise. May I wish you a fabulous birthday, you don’t look anywhere near your age. Have a wonderful time. Korres is a great brand, it would be wonderful to win anything in their range, what a treat!

  87. I am looking forward to this TSV, Korres make lovely products and QVC prices give us the opportunity to try new things. Thank you.

  88. hi Will! Fab giveaway! I love Korres body cream – really helps my illness induced dry skin moisturizer!

  89. Love the way Korres feels on the skin , soft n smooth like velvet ,ooh and smells incredible on the skin ! I would be delighted to win 😀 x Good luck All

  90. Hello Will!!
    Weather has been great for hiking. Love your videos and pics. You look after Archie so well and he obviously adores you. Happy birthday ..big 40.. for tomorrow 5th 💕🥳🥳🥳. Congratulations and have a wonderful day.
    Thank you for your information on the Dyson looks good.
    Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞for the fabulous Korres draw.
    Thanks Will

  91. Hi Will what a lovely treat for someone love the korres brand hope you had a great birthday Godbless Eileen ❤️

  92. Hey Will 👋
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the competition….Love Korres products, along with Liz Earle they’re my daily must haves!!
    Have a great summer!! 🌞💕

  93. Hi Will…I’ve tried quite a few of the Korres facial skin care products but not the body/hair products. Fingers crossed…seems like a lovely collection.

  94. Hi Will,
    Love Korres products I’ve the Olive concentrate and day cream on today, take care Ant

  95. Hi Will. Hope we get to enjoy some sun soon! Love the Korres range, I’ve got the facial and body oils. Love Greece and hope to get back there one day! X

  96. Looks exciting ❤️Trying new products. I like to do hill walking and take Cooper with me too, he is a Yorkie x

  97. Hi Will, always like to see Archie and you out and about, having a good time. Love Korres. Looks a fab TSV 🙂

  98. Hello! How fantastic to win this as lilac is my favourite scent but any of them would be gorgeous! I’ve been a Korres customer for many years even before they came to QVC as they make some incredible products. I’ll definitely be looking out for this collection when it launches.

  99. Hi Will

    Korres is my new fav! Will need to get this although not sure which scent yet…am a Yoghurt gal!!!

  100. Would love this.I retire on the 5th August after being with the same company for 31 yrs, retail has been extremely hard for us at Sainsbury’s, non stop through this pandemic.🤞🤞

  101. Morning Will!
    Your competitions and giveaways are always the best, always good quality products! Fingers crossed

  102. Discovered Korres thanks to QVC and now I’m totally hooked. I have super dry skin, not even prescription creams from my doctor helped. But Korres has made such a difference. Looking forward to trying this new shower oil 🙂

  103. Hi there. Absolutely love Korres. I’ve bought the tsv before and it was so lush. Hope I win❤️❤️❤️

  104. Hi Will
    I would love to win this competition ! Archie is so adorable – you are too !!!!!! Hope you have a very Happy 40th Birthday tomorrow 5th August. Best Wishes xx

  105. Hi Will, I do love korres. I only started using it after seeing it on QVC. There are some gorgeous products in this range x

  106. I’m hoping this Korea set with bring some body and shine back to my hair. Enjoy your birthday celebrations this week Will.

  107. I would love tk WIN this three-piece Hydrate, Plump and Replenish Body Care Collection. Bergamot Pearbor Mediterranean Vanilla Blossom would be my fragrance choice.

  108. Hope you have a fantastic 40th. It’s all down hill now!!😉🎉🥂Look forward to your updates with Archie. X

  109. Hi Will I’ve never tried korres before, but always wanted too, but never got around to ordering anything! So got my fingers crossed!!! Love watching you and Archie on your travels. He is so cute.

  110. Wow, What a competition prize this is. Would love to be transported to Greece using some Greek beauty products 🌸💕

  111. Hi Will lovey to see you and Archie having more fun and keeping fit , our little cockatoo Monty is loving his beach walks when it’s not to hot , he likes to jump in and cool off 😁 another lovely giveaway would be ideal for my aging skin and fine lines 🤞wishing u a wonderful 40th birthday x

  112. Love seeing your gorgeous dog Archie & your adventures together. The Korres prize is amazing & it would also be amazing (& a shock 🙈) if I won but heigh ho can but hope!!!

  113. Hi, have a fantastic birthday tomorrow!
    Korres is quickly becoming my favourite skin care brand, I hope you get some for your birthday, it’s awesome stuff💪💪😁

  114. Hi Will
    I love reading about and seeing pictures of your adventures with the lovely Archie, He;s a gorgeous doggie.

    I’d really like to win the Korres giveaway…. its not a brand i have tried before but have heard it mentioned many times.

  115. Hi Will, Happy 40th on the 5th. Enjoy your special day. I would love to win the Korres body products. Korres has become my favourite body care range on QVC. Beautiful aromas and gentle on the skin.

  116. Happy Birthday Will🎂🎁🎈
    What a lovely gift this prize would be for my birthday on 6th August!
    Keeping my fingers crossed😆

  117. Love Korres – remember browsing in their beautiful shop on Santorini and being spoilt for glorious choice !

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