How to wear print

Prints are a brilliant way to freshen up your look and although they’re a welcome addition any time of year, they really bloom in the spring and summer months when it’s all about turning up the vibrancy and creating a buzz in your wardrobe. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help with hints and tips on how to rock print perfectly.

Find what you love

Let’s face it, there’s no point wearing something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. So ignore what anyone else says or what might be on trend and only go for what YOU love. It might be a top in a classic striped print, a skirt in a fierce animal print or a fabulous floral dress, but whatever it is… make sure it brings you joy whenever you wear it.

Tip – no idea what you might like? Begin by browsing our fashion range and simply see what prints catch your eye first! The above Dannii Minogue dress is a great place to start as it comes in four different stunning prints, plus it’s our Today’s Special Value on the 10th and available from today in Petite or Regular.

Start small

If you’re new to the print path or have never felt overly confident wearing prints, we recommend starting small. Try a shoe with a hint of a pattern, like these wedge trainers from Ruth Langsford that have a snake print panel on the heel, or carry a printed bag for everyday practicality with a twist. This large tote bag from Kipling comes in a gorgeous sunny yellow polka dot print that will bring a cheery feel to any look, as well as brilliant botanical and animal print options.

Tip – when it comes to trying out a pair of printed shoes, make them the focal point by contrasting the print with block coloured clothing. Black or white especially will always make the print pop.

Coordinate colours

Match the rest of your clothes and accessories to your chosen print, picking out similar shades to the ones you can see in the pattern. For example, teaming a leopard print skirt with tan accessories to match the brown elements. This chic, spring-ready outfit demonstrates this perfectly, with the trousers tying in beautifully with the light blue details of the paisley printed jacket from Phase Eight.

Tip – if your chosen print has any white in it, you can never go wrong by finishing off your outfit with a pair of crisp white trainers.

Let the print do the talking

Don’t overdo it! Prints can be attention-grabbing enough, so avoid adding multiple colours, textures and accessories on top. Keep things nicely balanced by letting the print be the star of the show. If you’re going for more than one print, as a general rule stick to two. The White Stuff Selina dress in the Teal Multi option shows you how two different prints can work well together, without looking too busy.

Tip – if you do want to add more print, more colour and more texture, throw out the rule book but do it with confidence! It’s fine to experiment.

If in doubt, go monochrome

Still unsure about rocking those vibrant prints? Play it safe with the classic combo of black and white – it always looks smart! Geometric patterns look especially amazing in monochrome, making the print really stand out in a modern, contemporary way. Florals work beautifully too, nicely shown by this fabulous Petite trousers and shirt combo from Dannii Minogue. Both also come in Regular sizes.

Tip – you can style monochrome prints in various ways, matching it with other black and white pieces or adding a pop of colour for a touch of vibrancy, like a bright red bag or simply a bright nail colour.

We hope our tips have you feeling more confident about welcoming print into your wardrobe. Our fashion and accessories departments are packed with printed designs, including in our latest Your Style Guide edit: Brighter Days Ahead. Take a look and enjoy getting playful with print this season.