Modest fashion: everything you need to know

Prefer to keep your style modest? Well, prepare to be spoilt for choice! No matter what you choose to wear, we want fashion to be accessible to everyone, and that includes you! Our modest fashion edit is made with pieces for any occasion, giving you the confidence to show off your style game in a way that keeps you covered and stays true to you. Browse some of our favourite items from the edit and discover what modest fashion is all about!

What is modest fashion?

If the term “modest fashion” is unfamiliar to you, it often refers to dressing in a less revealing manner for pious, cultural, or personal reasons. It may also feature styling elements that include layering, loose silhouettes, high necklines, long sleeves, and clothing that covers most of your skin. A common misconception is that you need to dress plainly to be modest, but it’s not like that at all – you can still choose to dress modestly and be on-trend too!

Keep reading and we’ll show you what we mean…

Our modest fashion must-haves


One of the most well-liked styles of modest clothing is the dress. Most modestly dressed women have too many dresses in their closets, so why not invest in ones that you can use to their fullest potential? There are plenty out there with interesting styles to amp up your look, and this hanky hemline dress by Julien MacDonald is one of them. Perfect for special events, it’s a mix between traditional style and a contemporary twist. With its long sleeves and flowing design, this dress exudes a feminine vibe we know you’ll love! Team it with some tall boots and a high-neck bodysuit to keep it modest.


Any outfit can be made great with the right top and, let’s face it, you can never have too many in your wardrobe. Every woman on-the-go could wear modest tops as their default choice, because there are so many that follow the season’s trends and a huge range of colours, patterns and styles to choose from. This tunic from Du Jour is perfect for layering and giving any look depth, plus it ticks all the boxes for modest dressers that love to keep on-trend thanks to its fabulous all-over print. It gives you the option to tuck it in some trousers or you can let it flow freely, so you can wear it with your favourite high-waisted trousers or a skirt to complete a fabulous “vay-cay” outfit!


Jackets are no longer only worn in professional or business settings. You can now wear one out on a date, shopping with your besties and much more, easily making your modest attire stand out. Our style senses tell us that this jacket from Ruth Langsford is adaptable and ideal for layering, plus it perfectly captures this season’s on-trend aviator style. Feel free to wear it with coordinating trousers during the day and a stunning skirt at night for a fashion-forward look you’ll want to wear again and again.


Shirts of all kinds are an essential component of a well-rounded wardrobe and look stylish on any occasion. They also provide adequate covering and a conservative look, making them perfect for dressing modestly! One of our favourite pieces by Badgley Mischka, this printed butterfly shirt is a stylish option for day-to-night attire, featuring a gorgeous silhouette. To highlight its flowing appeal, wear it with high-waisted trousers or a pair of slim-fitting jeans for a look that will take you from day to night. You could also layer this shirt with a long-sleeved bodysuit to complete the outfit!


Since we can remember, maxi and midi skirts have been so popular, and the trend won’t be ending anytime soon. What more could you want in a statement item? They’re easy to wear, complement pretty much anything in your closet and have a casual-yet-polished look you’ll simply love. For women who prefer to dress modestly, it’s just the kind of piece you can wear from dawn ‘til dusk, so we’re going to throw this Badgley Mischka eyelet maxi skirt into the mix. It’s a gorgeous alternative to trousers, so you can ditch them when the warm weather hits. You’ll love rocking this at parties and BBQs!


Fashionable women shouldn’t be constrained by the idea that they can only dress modestly in long skirts and maxi dresses, so instead, experiment with a variety of trouser styles to keep your wardrobe versatile and interesting. One of the few items of clothing that you can go all out on without compromising your conservative style is a pair of trousers, as they can transform even the most traditional tops and tunics into a contemporary outfit. Your day-to-day wardrobe will benefit from the addition of these jersey  wide leg trousers from Kim & Co. The seamless fabric combination feels soft against the skin, which is combined with a flared silhouette and slim waistline for a sleek appearance. Additionally, this essential item emanates a fashionable vibe with a wide-leg design and a waist that sits high on your figure, making them ultra-flattering too.

Tips on styling modestly

Whatever the motivation behind your fashion choice, you should be aware that modest clothing doesn’t equate to being unfashionable. It offers unparalleled comfort and self-assurance that lets you look and feel your very best. Even so, choosing modest clothing can be difficult because there are so many options, and it can seem overwhelming, but never fear! We promise that it’s not as difficult as it seems. We’ve got three suggestions to help you if you want to dress modestly while still looking stylish:


Dressing modestly is the perfect excuse to experiment with colour. It’s a good idea to mix several tones of the same colour in one outfit – for example, you can try pairing a brighter-coloured blazer with neutral-coloured slacks and a medium-toned shirt to create contrast. On the other hand, if you’re feeling brave, why not go for an on-trend clashing look by combining similar shades next to each other (we recommend only choosing two if you’re going for this look!). The choice is yours, but however you want to go about it, styling with colour is the perfect way to put together sophisticated yet subtle outfits.


Accessories like charming necklaces, regal bracelets and dazzling belts will complement any of your favourite outfits. We have a range of different pieces that are sure to help you slay the day, whether you need to complete your look for the office, weekend away or an evening out – we’ve got your back! There are so many to choose from in our edit, so we thought we’d share our top favourite with you. Our season’s pick would have to be the Radley London Provence grab bag for its sophisticated, stylish and versatile design. Oh, and did we mention that it has plenty of pockets to keep your belongings organised, as well as the added bonus of a detachable body strap? It’s a 2-in-1 accessory that you can style in any way you want.

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Patterns and textures

You can experiment for a very long time with pattern and texture, and it always creates maximum style impact. Unconventional dresses with patterns like pinstripes, tartan, polka dots, flowers or geometric shapes are excellent choices to start with as your base, then you can layer things like jackets, scarves and much more on top to balance it out. The current trend for creative and retro aesthetics can be achieved by layering a textured notched-collar blazer over another shirt, or you can go for something simple and classic like a patterned tee combined with a plain maxi skirt. Look for styles that will make you feel comfortable, while also letting you stand out from the crowd.

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