Introducing an icon: Elizabeth Arden

Yes, you heard us right, Elizabeth Arden is now available here at QVC! To celebrate this exciting launch, we sat down with Head of Training and skincare Anja Skytte Mosbaek from Elizabeth Arden to give us the lowdown on the brand’s history, her favourite products and more.

Hey Anja! Can you tell us a little bit about Elizabeth Arden’s story?

As early as 1910, our founder Elizabeth Arden revolutionised the life of women around the world. An entrepreneur, she was the original girlboss, building a business from the ground up when being a businesswoman was not only unheard of – it was also controversial. She opened her first salon on 5th Avenue, New York City, and painted the door red, because as she said, “people stop for red.” Her fundamental belief was that beauty should not be a veneer of make-up, but an intelligent co-operation between science and nature in order to develop a woman’s finest natural assets, something that remains at the heart of Elizabeth Arden today. She lived by her mantra, “to be beautiful is the birth right of every woman.”

Wow, what a history! What was the first hero product to be released?

Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is such an icon, it was launched in 1930. Elizabeth Arden formulated this for her racehorses and started selling it in her salon on 5th Avenue. One day, a loyal customer visited her with her son that had a grazed knee, Elizabeth Arden recommended Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant and after eight hours, it was reported to be visibly better. An icon was born and that’s how Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant got the name and remains the beauty hero it is today, with infinite fans across the globe.

Ah, so that’s where the famous Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant comes from! How has the brand developed since its founding?

Guided by Elizabeth Arden’s entrepreneurial spirit, we continue to build on her legacy with innovations that cater for every need. Over 100 years after it was founded, we are recognised worldwide today for innovative beauty products and technology-driven skincare.

So now we know a little more about the brand, what are some of the hero products QVC customers should be on the lookout for?

“We are launching everything you need for a full regime! The first to mention is Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. It’s such a versatile icon. It would be a great place to start. It can be used to seal in moisture, smooth frizzy hair, shape your brows, soften and moisturise dry lips and the list goes on – a must-have for the whole family.

If you are a beginner to using a serum or even a seasoned serum user, our Ceramide Capsules are such a game changer. You’ll find targeted solutions in every single dose, and there is a Ceramide Capsule Serum for every skin concern. They are precise and take the guess work out of using a serum, with a pre-measured, single dose. They are pure and potent, protected from light and air, which keeps the serum powerful and fresh. Easy to use, gently twist the bio-degradable capsule and apply the serum onto your face and neck. They are all formulated with ceramides, and are powerful used separately, but they will transform your skin when used together. Use one day and night.

To protect your skin, we will be launching Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex in a unique 100ml size. This is a true hydration hero, great to pair with the Ceramide Capsule duo. It can be applied day and night.

What about you Anja, what are your favourite Elizabeth Arden products? 

The Ceramide Capsules are a must-have in my routine. They target my skin needs and concerns and I really feel a difference in my skin. They’re easy to use, I gently twist the capsule and apply onto my face and neck before my moisturiser. They feel luxurious and make my skin look soft, healthy-looking and minimise the look of lines.

Finally… how does it feel to be bringing Elizabeth Arden to QVC?!

“I am SO excited and lucky to be part of launching Elizabeth Arden at QVC. I am looking forward to sharing this amazing brand, its heritage and unique products with the QVC audience so much, I just know they are going to love them!

Thanks Anja! Don’t forget, you can head here to check out the rest of this iconic range, with skincare, cosmetics, fragrance and more.