Getting to grips with Reformer Pilates at home

We all know exercising regularly can be a great part of our routine, but it can be tricky to find the right workout for you. Reformer Pilates has been a longstanding favourite with us here at QVC, so we sat down with Loren from AeroPilates to hear her story, tips and tricks for when it comes to working out.

Hi Loren! We’d love to know your fitness story. How did you end up getting into Reformer Pilates?

It was you guys actually, thanks QVC! Ha ha. I’ve been a personal trainer for about 18 years and I’m also a yoga teacher, so I’ve always been passionate about the benefits of movement. Thinking I’d tried just about every physical activity though, I was hired to demonstrate the AeroPilates Reformer on QVC. One session on it and it felt so good, I was hooked. It then opened up a whole new world of physical and mental health benefits for me.”

That’s amazing! How would you say Reformer Pilates effects your wellbeing?

I genuinely feel it de-stressing me and bringing balance back to my body. When I feel balanced, there’s this wonderful deep sense of comfort in my own skin, and I get a bounce in my step, I sleep like a baby and I just feel really positive and happy with myself. I’ve been particularly grateful for it over the past year as it’s kept me strong, energised and sane! I find the methodical movements really calming and I always feel a nice sense of achievement when I’ve finished a session.”

You’ve definitely sold us Loren. How does Reformer Pilates fit into your home workouts?

Currently I’m training for an ultra-marathon, so I am running a lot, and as a yoga teacher, I spend many hours demonstrating postures. These two things leave me feeling stiff, sore and tired. I do one hour, twice a week on the Reformer and honestly it has been a game changer. I always feel 100% better the day after a session. I haven’t had a single injury since I started using it regularly, I’ve noticed my co-ordination and reflexes drastically improve and I run far more efficiently. It just enhances everything else that I do.

What advice would you  share with someone looking to start Reformer Pilates at home?

First step – get a Reformer. What I love about the AeroPilates is its ease of set up, use and size. I was a beginner once too, back when I’d slot the workout DVD into the DVD player! But now it’s even easier to get started. It comes with a 30-day kick-start programme and loads of different workout videos, all available online, which I still use all the time. I would focus on getting your body used to it and commit to just 10 or 20 minutes every day to begin.

This is such great advice Loren. Do you have any top tips on integrating exercise into your daily routine?

Start off small and stay consistent. Try not to rush the process by pushing too hard, too soon. It’s all about building those little positive habits every single day so it just becomes a natural part of your life and something you look forward to and enjoy. Write your goals down, pick the day you’re going to start and then commit. I also find it incredibly satisfying to write on the calendar (that I print out and stick up where I have to look at it!) at the end of every day what I have done, and that motivates me to exercise the next day, and the next, and the next.”

Thanks for all your brilliant advice Loren! Make sure to check out our Feeling Good Together campaign, where we’re regularly updating the page with fitness inspiration, wellbeing top tips and expert interviews to help support and inspire you throughout 2021.