Garden lighting for a brighter winter and Christmas

We may be approaching the darker months of the year, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose out on light. Consider the myriad benefits of garden lighting, from accenting key features in your home to giving your space that guest-ready glow. It can add an amazing dimension long after dusk, especially during the festive season.

With the big day fast approaching, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite leading lights. We’re drawn to these options like moths to a flame, but we hope they might inspire you too, bringing a touch of moonlit magic to all your get-togethers.

Stellar glow 

How celestial are these curtain lights from Luxform? We almost feel like singing, O Holy Night! Made from a transparent material, they’ll adorn your space in an unobtrusive way, twinkling on high for an enchanting effect.


Why not adorn a gazebo, or brighten a little one’s bedroom during the winter? You can use these indoors or outdoors, plus they’re battery operated and super easy to set up. The string-lights even come with a remote control for the eight different light modes.

Lights with wings

You’ve transformed your garden into an oasis, but now you want to show it off to the whole family for Christmas. For a charming finishing touch, these two feathered friends from Luxform are a fabulous choice. Beacons with beaks!


The LED bird lights will look wonderful used as stake lights on the lawn, or as guiding lights to draw the eye to a standout plant or a focal-point tree. The stakes are detachable too, so you can place these birds  atop a table, or line them up on garden steps. They only thing these birds can’t do is sing!

That festive feeling

We feel Christmas cheer should extend outside (all the way out), and lights are the perfect way to create a merry atmosphere. We just couldn’t resist these:


Reindeer option:

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer … where are the others? Either way, these stake lights will look fabulous as you welcome family through the front door or lead them to the garden, saying “Oh deer, Christmas is here!”


Star option:

Go starry-eyed for this stylish alternative. Whether you’re hosting a cheese and wine night for friends, or you’d simply like to see some twinkle in the back yard, this gorgeous design will add a sprinkle of glitz and sparkle.

Tender is the trellis

For a statement display, something really transformative that will create impact outside, feast your eyes on this wow-worthy piece. The Pre-lit Holly Trellis from Garden Reflections has festive leaves and berries, plus the gentle glow from the LED lights is a quick way to turn your garden or balcony into a winter wonderland.

Coming home for Christmas

Nothing says “welcome ” like a festive wreath, especially when it’s lit up fabulously. Designed for the outdoors with built-in battery-powered lights for a fuss-free setup, this durable wreath from Garden Reflections is ready and raring to get your Christmas celebrations off to a flyer! Any room in the inn?


And to all a good night

Let there be lots of light this Christmas, and long may it shine throughout the winter. For more inspiration and illumination, be sure to check out the rest of our outdoor lighting range and our virtual garden centre. There’s plenty more twinkling there, long after the sun sets.

Have a bright one on us!