Enjoying colour in your garden

Hello everyone !

Summer is in sight, and we seem to have escaped the mega chill of winter somehow. The daffs are showing up, and they’ll soon be joined by the hyacinths, tulips and so on… (that reminds me, I must book my trip to Keukenhof Gardens – have you been?)

Now that’s somewhere that’s always drenched in colour, and it inspires me to do the same with my own outdoor space…!

Over the next few weeks, we have plenty of promotions to help you to Enjoy Your Garden, not least with ‘Garden Day’ on the 14th March. I thought I’d focus on colour this month – and look at the different ways in which we can play with it and enhance it!

Remember back in the 90’s when painted fences became a thing? I don’t remember them looking particularly good, but thankfully the colours used have become more refined and the way we pair them up with plants has improved. It’s so much fun too!

I was inspired on a casual walk in the village last week. Someone had placed a very simple purple Hellebore against a coloured door, and it looks blooming lovely!

It reminded me of when I visited the European flower trials a few years back, and they had block colours all around the display.

Which colours would you combine in your garden? A sure-fire way to success is to use the colour wheel – remember opposites attract when it comes to colours, but equally colours will look good against the colours next to them… There is a science to having a stylised garden you know!

I also had to put my sunglasses on when I visited some UK primrose trials too, it felt like the 70’s psychedelia! No word of a lie, they just have every colour of the rainbow now… and yes, there is green!

I also found a rather unsuspecting Pansy that had an angel “imprinted” onto each bloom – look at the photo below and you’ll see what I mean!

In fact, people have ‘seen things’ in flowers before. Just look at these Petunia ‘Queen of Hearts’ below!

Now, we all know that bedding gives us a splash of colour in the summer, but it’s sometimes seen as high maintenance, compared to shrubs for example. Some of the newest shrub varieties are also the most colourful, and I’ve actually coined the phrase ‘Graffiti Garden’ to describe them! Most of them are evergreen, but there isn’t much that’s green about them – the leaves come in pink, purple and yellow, to name only a few shades.

You can be sure that Garden Day will have loads of colour, whether you’re into hot colours or cool shades! Here’s a few of my picks from the website right now.

Sweet Williams

Colour AND fragrance with these Sweet Williams! Do you need anything more in the garden?

Daphne Variegata

If you’re feeling particularly racy, perhaps you’ll try this sweet pink Daphne with its gold laced leaves! Pass me the sunglasses…!

Dahlia Labella Maggiore

Our Pick of the Month, these delightful, summer-flowering dahlias. They’re perfect for cutting and displaying in your home.

Well, that’s it from me! For more inspiration on all things colour, take a look at the fantastic range of plants we have on offer at QVC. Happy gardening!

Michael Perry X